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3 Month Scan

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Joined: Feb 2019

I am getting my 3 month scan next Wednesday and just found out its only of my abdomen.  How come they dont scan my whole body? After having cancer at such a young age - Im 33- I want to be sure its no where else in my body.  Is this common to just do abdomen?  This news isnt sitting well with me :(

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I get a CT of my abdomen and x-ray of my chest.  I've had this scan protocol since my surgery.  Some on here get a CT of their chest and abdomen; others have just the CT of their abdomen like you.  It may be an insurance issue or the preference of your doctor.  Contact his/her office and check into it.  I think you could have a good argument with them for a chest and abdomen CT--especially since this is your first post-op scan.

Good luck.


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----  sounds good.






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For me they are only doing ultrasounds of abdomen and chest x rays. I was chromophobe 3.9cm and have similar concerns to you but my doc tells me risk is extremely low and radiation from ct scans is not good either Especially when you are young and will have them for many many years.  Not sure what to do either.

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Bay Area Guy
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I’m to have CT scans/chest x-rays for the first five years.  Then I’ll be moved to annual ultrasounds.  The reason, as I was told, is that insurance pays for only five years of CT scans in our cases, but is more leni3nt on US.

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Once again I am seeing in this conversation the limitations of CT scans as a frontline means of detecting cancer.  Clearly there is no general agreement on exactly what intensity of scans they should be using.  For the record, I am getting 3-monthly Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis scans, with IV contrast.

I hope the radiologists and urologists are getting better at reading scans, and expect that computer-analysis of scans will help improve the early detection of small tumours.  Ultimately my hope is that a definitive blood test will be perfected and supplant this reliance on imprecise CT scans.  

But for the moment we have to take what we can get, whatever our treating physicians think that should be.

Good luck, Fred



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I am new to the forum. 30 year old female. Lung Cancer (non small cellAdenocarcinoma) right middle lobe. Stage 1 hadn't spread anywere. Had a lobectomy via thoracotomy on March 1st of this year...scary because I have always been the heathy eating one in the family. I barely get a cold. I am not having a 3month scan is this normal? Should I be? Also um crazy but I am about 4 weeks out from surgery and suddenly the other day I started lactating?!? Throw out there I am gay and very happily married so lactating is kind of mind blowing. This ever happen to anyone or does anyone have any info. Surgeon had no idea and dr thought maybe because of the pain meds and chest trauma from surgery. Still kind of crazy tho 


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I think you might've posted this in the Kidney Cancer forum by mistake. You'll probably get a better response to your question in the Lung Cancer forum. 

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I get a CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. I too asked about a whole body scan and they told me that there are other factors involved. When my yearly scan comes due in July I am going to have them scan my brain just for peace of mind.

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