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Poor balance

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I have just finished chemo, very happy about that. My problem now is my lack of balance. It doesn't help that I have an ankle injury, but I can't hardly walk a straight line, and I could fall over at any time! I am wondering how long it might take to kind of get back to normal? Also, I was in the grocery sore the other day and couldn't remember my pin for my debit card. I had the right numbers but I couldn't get the right order till after a few tries.

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Maybe talk to your doctor about it, because the balance problems could be neuropathy.  You might get more help from your PCP than your oncologist.


The memory issues are frustrating for sure, I can empathize :(

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My balances was off for months afterwards. It eventually recovered, thank god.

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Don't worry about not remembering your pin.  Chemo brain is a very real thing.  It can make you feel very foggy.

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Yes, chemo brain does exist.   I try to play word games, crosswords, etc.   It has really helped.  I still do.   It will get better.  Having an injury on top of everything else can really bring you down.  After first being treated and then recovery its called the "New Normal".   Hang in there!


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My gyn onc recommended games to me, particularly ones like chess that require you to follow a train of thought or strategy and have to remember it for a bit. Her reasoning was that for many of us, chemo is a period where we aren't doing a lot of the daily work and mental tasks that keep our minds sharp, so we have to rebuild that capacity after chemo. My husband and I started playing board and card games that make my mind work hard and I really do think it has helped. I was skeptical but I think she was right.

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Ribbons, I've had just a little trouble with balance being off - only when I first get up in the morning - since the chemo.  And yes, I'm searching for words that used to come easily, too.  I'm hoping it will get better with time.

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I had balance problems for months after chemo, as well as some cognitive problems like short-term memory loss and trouble coming up with the right words. All of it slowly dissipated, though I still search for words, a problem I didn't have before chemo (I'm in my mid-50s).

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Thank you for the support, I just needed reassurance that it will get better.

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My balance is not the greatest and I sometimes suspect neuropathy may be partly to blame. I’m now taking exercise classes that may help. Granted this is a couple years after chemo. This all takes some time unfortunately . I hope yours improves.

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