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Great news!

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Scan results - Good news!

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I have now had a follow up CT Scan.  I am about 3 years from the time that I started chemo and a little over that from my surgery.  I just got an email from my doctor that it was all clear and there is no sign of metastices in the chest or abdomen.  I of course worried myself about it before I had it, just like I worried about my colonoscopy at the beginning of the year.  

Now that it is over, I hope I can relax until I need to have another one.  I am not sure of the protocol - I had one a year ago and one right after I finished chemo.  So I will see my oncologist in July and will ask him.


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Wonderful! Always good to hear this!

so happy for you! May you be NED forever!


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Three years out is a great milestone, Congrats. Seems like they would start bumping that colonoscopy out to two and then three, then five years, as thats what they did to me, but every doctor's different. Keep that NED going!!.................................................Dave


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Eileen, so happy to read your great news! Enjoy this fantastic time of your life.

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So glad to hear that you got some great news from the doctor.  Each doctor is different on how they want to handle your upcoming tests.  Some test yearly after 3 years and some still do 6 months.  My one friend's doctor quit doing them after 2 years which seemed a little to soon for me.  Good luck in your appointment in July and hope you continue to do well.


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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats!  That is wonderful news.  I hope to join you with 3 years after my scan on the 13th.

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Lily Flower
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Congratulations Eileen! My tests are also once a year. 

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May you continue to live NED for a very, very long time. 


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That's wonderful!  Isn't three years out considered cured!?  What stage are you?  I'm very happy for you.

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I was stage 3 - I had surgery to remove my sigmoid and after that, 12 rounds of Folfox.  2 out of 22 lymph nodes that were removed had cancer cells, so that is why I was considered a 3.  I made it through all of my treatments, with a dose adjustment starting at #9 of the Oxaliplatin.  It was lowered 20% both for 9 and 10 and then removed completely for 11 and 12 since I was developing neuropathy in my feet and hands.  

I don't think 3 years is considered cured, more than likely 5 will be. 




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I was 111b with mass in the sigmoid section removed, then Folfox. It popped up twice in my liver, requiring resection, but by two years out, I knew there was something there, rising CEA tests and whatnot, so three and clear is pretty great to me. I'm four and a half out, with five years coming in Sep., but I won't use that term, because I don't want my mind thinking in those terms. At 60, other cancers and issues can pop up and I'd rather have that truth present in the back of my mind, then call it a big victory. Congratulations again on making three years, and I hope five years finds you well and as free as one can be............................................Dave

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I'm pretty new to all this, having only conpleted my chemo Jan. 6th of 2019 so 3 years sounds great!!!  Congrats 'sprite and keep at it!!

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