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How bad is Furhman grade 4 and does that even matter 2 years after neph?

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The question is whether it matters enough to be a concern. Ask the doctor. Size is the most relevant concern. 




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my next scan is in June, I’ll ask then. I’m just looking at my old paperwork and never noticed that before.

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I was stage 1 grade 2 for my tumor. If a tumor were to grow back, would it still be grade 2? Or could it change to a higher grade? I've seen on here even small tumors can be grade 4. I just always associated grade 4 with large tumors. If you have a liver met, would that be the same grade as the primary tumor? I've been curious and thought it might be dumb questions.. But, screw it, I'm asking anyway.



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so many questions!

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meastsized to a lung they changed the grade from 2 to 4 on my pathology report after my 1st lung surgery    The cells had changed they said.  I just  had a 7mm nodule removed three days ago but have not got the report yet so size doesn’t seem to matter if has metastasized. Good luck

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When I got my pathology report back after my nephrectomy last April, I learned that the cancer was Grade 4 with sarcomatoid and rhabdoid features. Grade 4 doesn't necessarily mean the cancer is worse than a lower grade, however, it does shed some light on the cellular makeup of the cancer.  Grade 4 is very unpredictable as the cells have a high level of mutation. Grade 4 also often times has sarcomatoid features which is another indicator of the potential aggressiveness of the cancer. There is a lot of information out there about this - usually I don't like what I find. My cancer didn't take long to metastasize and the tumors grew rapidly. My oncologist believes this aggressive nature has more to do with the sarcomatoid features, however, he is concerned with the high grade as the cells will mutate quickly which will potentially limit the length of time a treatment is effective. 

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Mighty Frog
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Furhman grade 4 indicate the cancer was a aggressive one and need to be vigilant from time to time. I suggestion to be continue checkup even after 5 years mark.   

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grade is important as well, not only the size. It indicates how abnormal cancer cells are. Grade 4 cancer cells are more aggressive, so more vigilant follow-up is recommended.

And yes, a very small cancer can be grade 4 (just caught very early), and a big one - just grade 2, most probably growing slowly in the kidney for a long time already.


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If you again find that cancer is there, it would increase the Stage #, from a 1, even up to a 4.  The Stage 1 just tells us that it was a very small turmor that had not invaded vessels in the kidney or metastasized to another organ.

My Dr's knew going in that it was already at a 4 because they saw 1-2 masses in my liver.

Do a web search for "Cancer and/or Kidney Cancer Staging" to get some basic definitions.

good wishes,


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I can't see your subtype. I just know that Furman, grading system isn't used for Chromophobe anymore.

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