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Chemo starting this week, suggestions?

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I will be starting R-CHOP this week, as soon as port is in place for DLBCL and NLPHL.  The typical 6 cycles 21 days apart.  I realize that my first treatment will take longer depending on my tolerance of Rituximab et al, was told to expect day to be 5-8 hours in length.  What things did you find helpful to have with you to make the day the best it can be.  I've heard sm blanket and sm pillow, bland snacks, ginger candy, ginger ale, warm fuzzy socks, ipad,/tablet, cards, journal, etc. Just looking for suggestions.  TIA


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Hi Paula, sounds like you have a good handle on this already.  I would say: make sure you have podcasts and/or audio books on that tablet.  I found that having things that lulled me into a quiet zone or to sleep were extremely helpful.  Since you will probably get some Benadryl or similar in advance of your Rituxan, you may be a bit drowsy already.  Drowsiness and general malaise tends to make it hard to read, watch videos, play cards, etc.  At least for me. Taking the effort off my eyes and brain, basically, made things easier.  Hope you have an easy time of it.

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I finished my 6th R-CHOP about 10 days ago. I spent most of my time watching news/movies on my tablet. They furnished a blanket and thank goodness becuase it was COLD!!! My first infusion was 7 hours and the next ones were 4-5 hours. I'm thankful for my port, although it took me a while to get used too when sleeping - now I don't even feel it. You'll do fine and be ringing that bell before you know it.

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Had my echocardiogram and met with surgeon today.  Port will be placed on Friday and will have chemo teaching next Tue with first chemo on Wednesday.  Need to get this shiw on the road.  K'm pretty anxious, don't know what to expect, but gott get it done.  


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