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Happy Galentines Day!

Armywife Member Posts: 449

Sending a lot of love to the group of gals who understand me better than anyone in my life.  I can't thank you enough for all the support, information and friendship.  I'm really scattered right now and haven't been able to keep up with the board for weeks, but I think of all of you daily and I'll be back as soon as I catch my breath.  


  • ConnieSW
    ConnieSW Member Posts: 1,578 **
    And you

    are thought of also ❤️

  • derMaus
    derMaus Member Posts: 558
    You've been missed! Glad to

    You've been missed! Glad to hear from you, we'll be here whenever you return. Fondly, B

  • Jairoldi
    Jairoldi Member Posts: 221
    Thanks for popping bu

    I trust one things settle down for you we will hear more from you again. May the peace that passes understanding rain down on you and yours.

  • NoTimeForCancer
    NoTimeForCancer Member Posts: 2,928 **
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    Amrywife, this made me smile.

    Amrywife, this made me smile.  Thank you!