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bilateral masectomy with prepectoral breast reconstruction

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I'm getting ready to have a bilateral masectomy with a prepectoral breast reconstruction. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm wondering about recovery time. I work from home on a computer and wonder when I can return to work. I'm also considering a nipple sparing procedure.

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Susan J P
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I am assuming at this point you have had your surgery and are surprised at how bad it hurt and how much more you could do than you assumed you would be able to do.   It is hard to describe the searing pain.   But I was so surprised that I could wash my own hair two days after returning home.   I also work from home and I was able to return to work two weeks after surgery.    I had a bilateral mascectomy in July and two surgeries later,  was complety with no pain in January.   I need at least one more reconstructive surgery but I am taking time to enjoy life,  pain feee.  Best wishes to you.


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