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Small bowel blockage

Bryn1108 Member Posts: 94

Just more things we have to deal with. 


So three weeks ago I started having lower back pain, then two days later woke up middle of night with pain from my head to feet. Then next night bad pain again plus chills and low fever.  Had all flu symptoms.  Went to doctor, he tested me for everything.  Ordered CT scan,  I had the small bowel blockage due from scar tissue from major surgery, was suprised because I wasn't constipated.  They admitted me to hospital for 4 days with tube down my nose to my stomach.  I wasn't allowed to even have water. That procedure allowed my bowel to expand back to shape.  I'm saying this to let everyone know,  this can happen to anyone who has had major surgery.  They told me it could happen again.  Not complaining, Just FYI 


  • daisybud
    daisybud Member Posts: 522 **
    Sorry to hear that

    Hope you are feeling better! ☺


  • Retcenturion
    Retcenturion Member Posts: 240
    Glad your ok

    That sounds awful. Glad it's past and your feeling better. Thanks for the info.

  • Canadian Sandy
    Canadian Sandy Member Posts: 716 **
    Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info. Hopefully it won’t happen again...sounds very painful.

  • Bay Area Guy
    Bay Area Guy Member Posts: 523 **
    Been there, done that twice.

    Been there, done that twice.  In 2004, way before my kidney issue, one part of my intestines flopped over and stragulated another part.  I had the NG tube and, a day later, surgery to unfold my innards.  In 2010, it was worse.  I had what’s called a sigmoid volvulus.  My sigmoid colon twisted 540 degrees, effectively cutting off my digestive systeM.  Major operation that involved cutting out 18 inches of my colon and wearing an ostomy bag for three months before a second surgery reconnected me.  Not fun times.