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Just came across this and thought if might be of interest:



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My oncologist suggested Aspirin a few years ago when I was on chemo in that it helped prevent recurrance.  Like pretty much everything along the way for me for treatments, stats and things that help (other than having good blood work during chemo), it came up short for me.  But it seems like a low risk high reward thing for sure assuming no allergies or reactions to aspirin or another reason to avoid it.  

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I take a daily baby aspirin.  Here is another recent abstract on the same subject: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30252883 

There are now twenty-nine observational studies describing colorectal cancer (CRC) and post-diagnostic aspirin. Pooling the estimates of reduction by aspirin which are reported as hazard ratios (HR), gives an overall HR for aspirin and CRC mortality 0.72 (95% CI 0.64-0.80).


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Aspirin use after the diagnosis of CRC is independently associated with improved CSS and OS.

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Took a baby aspirin after diagnosis, every day since. It didn't prevent two recurrances, but I've also read that the effects come from long-term usage, i.e. ten years. Since I'm at eleven and counting, here's hoping that's true, lol................................................................Dave

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My doctor told me no. Guess it's up to them whether they think it is beneficial.  With my low blood count always they didn't want me bleeding out with an additional aspirin that already thins blood.  I've never had a normal blood test since my radiation/chemo.  It's always way below normal.


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i picked up so,e baby aspirin today for some pain relief.  Worth a shot. 

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Hmm, I wonder if me being on blood thinners could have the same effect. 


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