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Question on neo adjuvant treatment on stage iv uspc

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Hi all

I posted last month on my mum's diagnosis of stage 4 uspc.

She has done 2 chemos. Her ascities has dried up which is good.

The plan was 3 chemos, then surgery for hysterectomy then last 3 chemo. 

Our medical oncologist (he is not a gynaecological oncologist) has actually said to do 6 chemos and then do surgery then potentially no chemo after surgery.

This seems really strange to me. 

There aren't any second opinions i can get here in terms of medical oncologists. However we did manage to get an appointment with a gynaecologist oncologist surgeon so i will see what he says. Unfortunately our medical oncologist is going to talk to him beforehand, hoping he doesn't try to sway his opinion.

I get concerned because we haven't done any ct scans yet so i don't know why he is suggesting the 6 chemos. We are doind a ct scan before seeing the surgeon though. 

Has anyone sern this treatment in uspc, 6 chemos before surgery? 

Does anyone have advice? I am honestly confused! 


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I am unable to help you with the USPC but I have gotten second opinions for various surgeries I have had.  My most recent surgery I got rid of my gynecologist/oncologist and met with a medical oncologist who was very experienced with difficult surgeries.   

Obe time I got a third opinion and it was for the same reason you mentioned.  They were basically in the same group.   I went to a completely different facility to get my opinion which was the right thing for me.  

In any event the choice is yours.  i hope the best for you



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Glad to hear your Mom’s ascites is rest resolving a bit. I didn’ t have more than one CT scan before surgery. The purpose of the CT scan is to see better the anatomy and where the cancer can be seen so that when surgery is done they sort of know what to expect. 

It isn’ t unusual for one doctor to discuss treatment plans and rational with each other. The other physician will provide their expert opinion based on their own level of knowledge and experience. It isn’t likely that your Mom’s current physician will try to influence or convince the second physicians opinion. The physicians are offering you their best opinion. That being said they all have different knowledge and skills. Not all physicians are created equally. 

I pray you can find a GYN/Onc that you have confidence in. 



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Acookie, I think Kathy and Lori have some good advice.  The upcoming visit with the gynecologic oncologist is good to hear.  He/she are going to have more education on your mom's cancer and I hope they can confirm, or come up with, the plan to best help your mom.  Please let us know how it all goes.

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They give chemo before surgery to shrink the tumor(s) enough to make them easier to remove. 6 rounds of chemo, often but not always carboplatin & taxol, is pretty standard. It's not uncommon to go through all the chemo before the surgery. As others have noted, a second opinion is always the best idea. Some large cancer centers can arrange for an online consult if you're unable to travel to them. 

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