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anyone stop treatment with Gleason of 9 after long term

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I have been treated with hormones and phosphates for 14 years after a radical prostectomy found cancer cells in my lymph nodes and gleason of nine.  I was also treated with radiation. My psa has remained at less than 0.1!  Its been recomended that I stop the hormone and phosphate treatment. I would  like to hear from anyone who may have stopped such treatment and the long term results.

Thank you

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Welcome to the board. I wonder your age and any other illness you have or is treating, but in case of the PCa, you only can verify if it still exists (cured) by stopping the hormonal treatment.

Surely stopping something that we think being good is scaring however, if Lupron has worked well it will again do good latter in case you return to it. Apart of that after so many years on Lupron you do not know for sure if your testosterone (T) will increase again (Lupron's purposes). Estrogens may have taken the place of T in the function of your other health systems. You need to know that too in case other illness strikes you.

In regards to stopping Prolia, I would only do so after checking bone loss. You have been in risk for osteoporosis caused by the long period on Lupron. You should do a DEXA scan firstly to verify bone densitometry. 

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the information; it seems very logical. I was 52 when first treated now am 66. The only other issue is a probable bout of low blood pressure. I think the lupron affects my red blood cell count to some degree and chloresterall has been borderline high.


Thanks again for your reply

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