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Just an update

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Sorry for not being up to date on PMs. However to those who are interested, my port was taken out today. Sore but otherwise a walk in the park compared to chemo. I am still not 100% NED but am taking Rituxan which I can easily handle through my arms. I have good veins. I will get a new port if it is needed but for now I love not having one. I was thinking of trying to get redemption through self flagellation or some other form of suffering but I decided no, I would rather have fun, so I am just going to Alaska instead! Will be back late September for next R infusion And a second opinion in Houston. Best wishes everyone. I will get to those PMs soon and will be checking in via iPhone.

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Congratulations and enjoy your trip!! Well deserved! 


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have a great holiday weekend!

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Hi Shady.  So glad to hear that you are doing well. I envy your trip to Alaska, but not ready yet for anything that huge.  Heading to the N. Carolina coast in a few weeks, we hope.  Have a wonderful trip and please let us know how it goes in Houston.

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Your insights are always very helpful. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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A port never much bothered me, but I remember getting it out, a 20 minute proceedure.

I tell people, when they ask about it, that it is my "port hole" from my Navy days....  Less useful idea for civilians, I guess.

These years later, there is still a significant indentation there. And at times, it feels numb, as if sensory nerves were perhaps cut.

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We recently took a trip to the mountains near Tahoe in our 5th wheel and the campground's tv channels weren't that great, so we ended up watching a marathon of "Alaskan Bush People".  We had never seen it before, now we are totally hooked!  Have fun but watch your back for bears Surprised.


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i have never seen that show. Bears can be a nuisance but a little common sense and they usually don’t bother you. Still its wise to be armed with a bear spray cannister. I hate it when they come around the campsite at night. I first went to Alaska as a job assignment. Didn’t like living there but love visiting the outback areas. I have gone 2-3 times a year for many of the last 15 years. I have a terrible time with bears at my place in the Tennessee mountains. My camper is pretty simple - an 18’ RPod towed by an f-150 4x4. I mostly boondock and use a Honda 3,000 watt generator because I love my a/c and microwave. I seldom watch tv. I use the trailer mostly for hunting and fishing. Cheers. 

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