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trouble with port

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Has anyone else had difficulty with their port getting infected? I am on my second port since May , the first one became infected after 3 rounds of Folfox, had another put in early July and now it too is infected. It is almost as if my body is rejecting it lol--but of course I am told that is "nonsense".  It seems to alway be in the area of th incision/stitch.  Anyone had similar experience with their ports?


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Sorry you are having trouble.  There have been others on this board that have had similar problems.  Maybe it's the type of port they are using.  You should definitely consult your doctor and ask them what their suggestion would be.  Hope you get this resolved soon.


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Joan M
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We all know that chemo interferes with our tissues healing.   What do they think is causing the problem if they say your body isn't rejecting it?  

I had an allergic reaction after my port was placed. My chest was hot to the touch and bright red around the port and all the way from my collar bone to under my breast.  One doctor thought it was infected, but another thought it was allergic reaction possibly to a dressing that was used to cover the area after surgery.  I am very sensitive to a variety of things from tapes, bandaids, lotions, soaps, etc.   

It finally cleared up and did not occur again, so I was lucky that way.  

I hope you  have better results going forward.  

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All for your input! The first time the radiologist that inserted port thought it was from poor technique form infusion nurses--they did actually put the huber needle through the steri strips once to access--but no one has offered a reason for this second time. One theory was the chemo may have leaked into the port site? I think it could be the stitch tring to work its way out but all of my theories are poo-pooed. Getting scanned tomorrow and pray my lung mets are gone so I can postone geting a 3rd port for a while. Does anyone know of chemo options for Stage 4 lung mets that dont require a port?

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My chemo is infused via the intravenous one.  In the hands.  It requires me to stay in the hospital for 2 days.  Quite dragging but I had no choice as I was too much of a chicken to have the port and it's also expensive for me.

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