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newly diagnosed

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Hello and I hope you all are doing well.

On Monday, it was confirmed via CT abdomen that I have a 2cm RCC in the interpoar region of left kidney fully contained with no abdominal evidence of metastis. But, also a 0.3 cm pulmonary nodule that showed incidently in the right middle lobe.  Follow up chest CT said no definite pulmonary metasticsis and suggested the nodule to be most likely just inflammation but ordered attention on follow up. Uroligist, surgeon, and GP all support the inflammation statement.  They all tell me I am lucky for finding this as I did; with symptons which turned out to not be associated with this.  Groin pain led me to coax my GP into a US Scrotum and US kidney.  The groin showed nothing but a trace hydrocele, but the kidney showed a hump leading to the CT abdomen.  The kidney is the problem for sure but the nodule is what is driving me crazy.  Anyway, I have 2 more opinions/consults remaining but my options appear to be partial lephrectomy, (either lap robotically or open excsision), or cryoablation via lap.  To this point there is no opinion in favor of full nephectromy since the tumor is small and in a good place away from stuff and easy to reach. I'm 58 / don't smoke / grandfather on my dad's side died of KC back in the 50's / my dad is 89 and just develpoed non small cell LC.  He smoked for 40 years; quitting for the last 30.

Thanks for listening. I would be happy to share more or answer any questions. Just writing this was helpful to me

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You are with us with a real small potential tumor. The rate for full recovery at that size is close to 100%. Your lung nodule is very  small and at that size is present in both members and non members. They will follow up to make sure that it does not show growth in the future.





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TBH I am going a little paranoid here.  Is it at all possible that my cancer could have started elsewhere ... like with an undetected melanoma; even with clean chest and abdomen scan reports. Do Dr's have to wait until they remove the tumor to prove it's origin is the Kidney? i know I should feel lucky but there are moments I feel there is some other shoe to drop. This is one of those moments. I see you are active here and seem to be a realist. Thank you.

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One or the other will confirm where the cancer started.

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I'm sorry you had to join the club. My tumor was also found incedentally from a US of my gallbladder 9 months ago now.. Wow how time flies! anyway, my gallbladder was fine but saw a 3 cm mass. I had a open partial nephrectomy. My Urolgic Oncologist/ surgeo is amazing. After the procedure I decided to get a second opinion on my after care.  You have to be your own advocate for your health. Do what feels right, for your peace of mind. As far as the lung nodule, from what I hear they are not always something to worry about. Seeing that your mass is small and contained with in the kidney, its a very good chance its from inflammation. You never know with this cancer so I understand the worry. I have never personally had one (that I know of), but other people on here have. I hope this helps. Its funny, I finally got diagnosed with stomach ulcers that brought me into this mess in late Novemeber. I am the one that kept pressing my GP to see a Gastroenterologist. Another reason why you have to advocate for yourself because you know your body and what doesn't feel right. 

Good luck with everything and glad they found it early. 

Take care, 


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Hi Bart. I think that a 2 cm RCC is very unlikely to metastasize to your lungs so most probably it's nothing to worry about. But they're keeping an eye on it which is a good thing. All the best to you!

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Thank you all for the responses. 

Up to this point, my health care has been fairly transactional:  colonoscopies when needed, annual blood and urine, annual physical, etc.  I am at the stage now where I am looking for recent loose ends where I have been living with pain or symptons because my doctor gave me answers and treatments transactionally; if you know what I mean.

As Steph said it well, you need to be the advocate for yourself.  I thought I was but now I see there is another level.




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Hi, Bart.  Welcome to the forum and to our "club".  As others have said, a 2 cm lesion is pretty small and has a very small chance of metastasis.  More than likely your lung nodule is nothing to worry about.  As far as your kidney lesion, you share a lot of good news about location and the ability for doctors to perform a partial or cryoblation.  Many people on this board have had the partial and a few have had the cryoblation procedure.  Personally, the idea of having the lesion removed and out of my body makes me feel more comfortable.  Ultimately, it comes down to your comfort level with either procedure and the skill of your doctor to perform the procedure.  Good luck....we're pulling for you!


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Your mass was found at such a small size and you have options to chose from.  My mass thank g-d was also small 2.5cm,  however because of the location the whole kidney was removed.  Good luck with your decision-June


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It's been a week since diagnosis. I have been on the rollercoaster of insecurity, paranoia, fear and the realization that I am indeed relatively fortunate in my current reality with this thing. I will have all pertinent interviews with potential surgeons completed by Wed. Then I will make my decision, get this out of me, and start the protocol. I am lucky to have the best wife and family in the world.   I am grateful I found this page. Thank you for you message.

Peace to all.

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There are some amazing people here Bart. You will not be alone in your journey. Prayers for strength my friend, wishing you only the best.

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