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To the Ft. Meyers FL Patient:

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Joined: Jan 2018

I am so sorry I can't remember your handle but I just have to say THANK YOU!!!!! I reached out to your oncologist and he still has a couple of HAI pumps left and is switching to a new one. I have reached out to so many centers to no avail and Thank God this doctor is doing this in our state. We are scheduling a consultaion in September after my husbands Pet Scan is done. OMG whoever you are I could hug you right now. Thank you so much! 

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Butt is here.... I am glad he has HAIP s left. I finished 3 cycles so far with the pump. I did gain some weight and my face got a bit rounded because of steroids that are infused togerher with the pump chemo but it is more cosmetic. So, we shall see how things go. I do believe Dr. Bloomston is a good one. Good luck to you!

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I should have remembered that one! Glad your cycles are going well. The moon face will subside. I take high dose prednisone all the time to keep my angioedema swells to a minimum, it oftens involves my airway so I don't have much of a choice. You can always ask for a water pill if it bothers you. My GP will give them to me once in a blue moon. Thanks again for the recomondation I am so thrilled and my husband is too! I will finally get off his back about going to New York! 

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That's why this group is so great.  You can ask and you shall get an answer.  I'm so glad this is a positive outcome for you.  Thanks Butt for helping.  It's good that people that don't post often - post when they are much in demand.  Awesome Butt you gave someone much help.


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