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Zytiga and prednisone with lupron and xgeva - cost, payment, outcome

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Continuing my battle with cancer,, if you find me to be boring just turn me off.. any way my battle started in July 2016 so it's been 2 years.. starting with a round of docetaxel, then a 2nd opinion and a new doctor,, now on zytiga, prednisone,  xtiga, lupron, and still carrying on.. my doctor asked me about my quality of life and I replied,"what are my options"..it seems the only option is to stop treatment or continue as we are.. so I didn't ask any more questions I'm not sure I want to know..my main problem is the lymphedema, .I seem to be getting weaker and have less stamina..okay, enough of that,, I hope everyone is as well as they can be, and you all enjoy life.. please reply with comments and suggestions,, and if you have any ideas on how to improve quality of life please let me know !!!

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Please keep posting... and post anytime you want and post as long as you want.

I have read every word you have written, but I wish you would go into more detail.

Don't take it for granted that everyone here is familiar with your treatments. Please say whatever comes to your mind.

If you live in the central Indiana area, let me know if you want to hang out. Or maybe someone else on this forum lives near you.

Anything we can do to help improve your state of mind, let us know. 

I've mentioned before my own method of meditation/mind control. And besides that I read the Bible to clear out the muck in my head from our puerile entertainment alternatives on TV and movies. The Bible deals with serious issues of life and death. When I get a faceful of reality thrown at me, watching sitcoms on TV seems so void and empty. That's when reading something like Paul's letter to the Ephesians or similar fills that void.

It wouldn't hurt to get in a lengthy discussion on this. Other guys may someday refer to our experiences and can learn a lot. I have certainly learned way more than I ever thought possible.

So keep posting, Chuck, and make them as long and drawn out as you want. I insist on it.

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You are carrying on your mission for which I admire you.

You can learn anything from me because I am gambler and I just count my losses.

Good luck to you!


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My dad is at a top cancer care facility and they are recommending Zytiga + prednisone be added to his Lupron / Casodex regimen. Waiting for insurance approval, but three oncologists agreed it was the best plan for bone metastasis PCa patients. I’d love to hear more about your experiences. 

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My oncologist has just suggested the same plan as the plan for your dad.  In Nov 2016 I had a Radical Robotic Prostatectomy (sp); post surgery, had to go through 8 weeks of radiation and 2 years of Lupron and a series of Casodex.  All looked good until this past Feb 2019 when my PSA became detectable again, although very low, 0.13,  in May it was up to .56 and Aug it was 1.52 so the plan is to do the plan I related earlier.  Praying the best for your dad and that insurance will cove at least the majority of the costs as I have seen the cost of the Zytiga is pretty high.  Will be praying for you also and hour family.

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Kidclutch, I did not notice until now that your post was almost 2 years ago so  iguess I shluld ask how the treatment went and if you got any financial relief from your insurance plan.  Pray all is going well with your dad and that he has many more years ahead of him.

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While insurance did come through for dad, Zytiga didn't work for long last fall. He has a difficult to treat case (if you've seen any of my other posts before). Docetaxel chemo started a few days ago.

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