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Cabo and bone Pain, anyone?

Karen8873 Member Posts: 35
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Hi all, my moms on her third week of Cabo 60mg. And she seems to be having increased pain . I know joint pain is a SE, but her pain seems to be in the areas of where she’s has or had metastasis . Does it mean the drug is attacking it? Or  is it progression ??The pain is pretty bad to the point she’s having trouble walking ( mets in her right hip / femur) and when she gets in or out of bed her left rib pain is unbearable , even with the lidocaine patch on it. She’s also taking 5mg of oxy. I did leave a message for the Dr bit just wanted to see if anyone else has had this as a SE ? 



  • Wehavenotimeatall
    Wehavenotimeatall Member Posts: 488
    Sorry Karen

     Sorry Karen  you are having a very rough time

    i saw your message on SP

    I hope someone here gets back to you with their experience of cabo


  • Karen8873
    Karen8873 Member Posts: 35

    Sorry Karen

     Sorry Karen  you are having a very rough time

    i saw your message on SP

    I hope someone here gets back to you with their experience of cabo


    Thanks Annie,

    Off to Dana Farber in the morning. The NP did say this could be from the cabo but she’s just in so much pain & having a hard time walking . 

  • LeeAllen
    LeeAllen Member Posts: 40
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    My Dad is having a smilar

    My Dad is having a smilar situation. Started Cabo nearly 4 weeks ago, two weeks in, our Onc said he thinks it is working on his bone mets.

    The Bone mets are my dads only mets, they are extensive and they are the main thing causing him problems right now.  

    Today he is experiencing a lot of pain. PT guy came over and talked w Dad about staying on top of his pain with the meds. 

    But I wondered if Cabo causes some pain when it is actually working on/destroying the mets. 


    How is your Mom's pain now, Karen? 

  • a_oaklee
    a_oaklee Member Posts: 566
    No experience with the 2 drugs mentioned, but

    When the pain is intolerable, or close to it, I would definitely ask for a referral to a radiation oncologist.  My husband has had a few sites zapped, and it killed the progression at those sites and took away the pain.  Radiation oncology is the way to go.  Some people go to an interventional radiooncologist.  They have other techniques to deal with bone mets and pain.  (Cement, freezing, heat...)  We haven't gone that route as the simpler radiation did the trick.  

  • shepp
    shepp Member Posts: 11
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    Who knows?

    Had severe bone pain before Cabo treatment started, sporadically have (mostly) much less severe pain now. Bone scan shows nothing new on the met front, and maybe healing of fractures. Why do I hurt? Who knows? My oncologist said, "Sometimes pain gets worse," which sounds facile but is probably just realistic.

    I will say that 5 mg of oxy for such severe pain seems like a really low dose.