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Experience with blood clots / need for coumadin / monitor Vit. K after K. cancer surgery?

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Are there folks here with these experiences? -


blood clots after kidney cancer surgery



blood thinner treatments after cancer surgery to prevent blood clots 



taking injections of daily Lovenox as blood thinner? because perhaps the pills don't work with all K cancer?



my wrinkle is that up to now (age 66) have never been on prescribed pills for any condition as haven't had any conditions needing meds.

any treatments (such as for UTI) have been through patches, injections, elixirs, liquid, chewable due to 

lifelong gag reflex & psychological blockage about swallong pills stemming from childhood incident

(Yes, therapy, crushing in honey, applesauce, etc. many paths have been tried to abate this...)







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I developed blood clots in my lung (PE) shortly after my nephrectomy.  The clots were either a result of the surgery or my cancer which has spread to my lungs.  My oncologist referred me to a Vascular Medicine doctor and we discussed treatment options.  We determined the best option was Lovenox injections.  Lovenox is quick and effective and doesn't require ongoing mointoring. There are no concerns with possible negative interactions with my immunotherapy or any changes in my diet due to SEs.  He used the term "gold standard".  There are a couple of negatives of course.  First, the shots are very expensive compared to other options.  I have already maxed out my out of pocket expenses so that didn't impact my decision.  The other is giving yourself a daily injection.  For the most part I have been OK with the injections but it does require planning and extra time versus taking a pill.

Overall my experience with Lovenox has been good.  Of course I look forward to the day that I won't need it anymore but that may be a LONG time off.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


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We appreciate your sharing this experience MarkDavid18. Very helpful 

Best wishes for your continued good health.

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Coumadin is an older generation of blood thinners it requires a monthly blood test and if your levels are to high or low that means more frequent visit to have your levels checked. This can be checked with a finger stick. If you eat foods rich with vitamin k it can thicken your blood and reverse the thinning effect of Coumadin. I use Xarelto it's a newer med food doesn't effect it's process. No testing needed. I've been on it 6 months now I'm 39 I had PE after my nephrectomy. I haven't had any issues so far. Xatelto is s very tiny pill. Good luck to you.

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Appreciations for this information, Amy_Jo. I will have to look up the list of Vitamin K foods, in the event we go this path.

Xarelto is new to us & we will look into it. 

More thanks, with good wishes for you continued vibrant health.

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