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Treatment option questions

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A friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The first treatment plan was radiation and chemo. Two days b4 treament was to start,  it was decided to not go that route but to do chemo injections only. 

I have been thru my own battle with the beast ( not lung), so have had some experience on a different level. My team recommended chemo and radiation from the start, and didnt waiver from that.

I guess my questions are: Is it common to switch treatment plans at the last minute, what do they mean by chemo "injections", does this mean it is worse or better than first expected?

I am not sure my friend is asking the right questions, and I am not close enough to intrude. I am just worried that they are not understanding  from the way they answer my questions. I am concerned. Is it my misunderstanding due to different circumstances?  

If someone could tell me about the treatment protocols for lung cancer, I would appreciate it.

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It depends of the type of lung cancer, where in the lung, the stage...so many things. Some lung cancer can be cured with surgery and that's it - no radiation or chemo. So it is very hard to answer your question with the info giveen, sorry.

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Thank you. I will have the difficult conversation with my friend. 


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