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Bladder and radiation

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This only applies if you've had radiation treatment.   After treatment I've had a bladder problem wihere I don't have as much control as I used to.   I'm supposed to see a urologist in a couple of weeks but I'm concerned if what they suggest might do more harm than good.   I've also got regurgitating ejactulation.   That's when you have an orgasm and nothing comes out.   Both of these were caused by the radiation.  Am I the only one or is this common.  Is if fixable?

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I've lived with those conditions since I had prostate cancer in 2009 (surgical removal of the prostate; no chemo or radiation required).  There are some remedies available but to quote David Allen Coe - "it wasn't worth all he had to kill to get it."

Slide over to the prostate cancer discussion board and explain your situation.  You will definitely get answers.

Yet another example of how cancer keeps on taking.


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  BTW,  I used the wrong word.  It isn't regurgitating, it's retrograde.  It was a late night.

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Was wondering what regurgitating ejacultion was lol.

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Interesting. I'm currently being checked for a fistula between my bladder and my cervix. The ultrasound didn't show it but it might turn up on my next CT scan.  I have SO many problems from internal scarring it's ridiculous. I wonder if this could be along the same lines.


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I had radiation for rectal cancer. The radiation effects the area two ways: messes up the nerves responsible for urine continence, erection and ejaculation. The other it damages the glands like prostate and two pairs of glands next to it so most of the ejaculate gone. 

At the beginning I had retrograde ejaculation and it gradually getting better after 5 years. I have no problem holding my urine but a little more urgent to go to the bathroom. 

All the best.

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I got the retrograde from surgery. I was considering talking to a urologist after the cancer stuff looks like it's resolved.

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Sorry to make light, but I'm still giggling at the thought of regurgitating ejeculation.

I had radition as well, but as a woman, obviously not having the same problems.  

I know women can do kegel exercises, to strenghten the muscles assosiated with holding back the urine, but not sure if men have the same set of muscles. 

I would be wary of medications. Take one, and then you have to take another to combat the side effects of the first one, and on and on and on. 

I wish you all the best - and thanks for the giggle. 


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Your girlish giggling could set off a long list of posts about this subject.  And yes, men do have kegle muscles.  We just don't have as many sensitivity muscles as women.


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It has affected me terribly as my sex drive is down terribly and it hurts to make love because the radiation constricted the vagina.  It's not only you men, it's some of us women too.


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Thanks for the feedback and giggles, lol   I guess it would be funny to be regurgitating. I'm imagining a volcano,lol . I went to the other page on prostate cancer as airborn72 suggested. 

There is a device they can implant which uses a bulb and clamp configuration. I don't know that I want to do that just yet. Chemo ended just a few months ago and I'm aware that it prevenst healing.   Any fiddling down there could cause other problems like erection issues. 

 Outside the retrograde and inability to fully control urine output all is normal.   I'm due to see a urologist in a couple weeks so we'll see what they say. In the mean time I'm trying to exercise the hold back the pee muscles (kegle) which is something I've always had trouble with, even before cancer going back to early childhood.   Yeah, I was the 5 year old dancing in front of the bathroom.



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