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Sweet 16 today, 75 years young last week

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some observations and a few thoughts:

NED X 16
NBD X 16 
Each of the 5 grandchildren has become 16 years older. No new ones.
The 18 year old girl I met on the beach (Icewoman) will be 74 next monthl.
The survivor rates for each Stage of RCC have increased over the last 16 years.
Ice Tongs are no longer used for RCC Surgery. Ice picks are no longer used for RCC biopsies.
I am so old DiVinci himself did my surgery.
As a result of partsheimers I do not remember any pain from the surgery or recovery.
Good looking ladies write me for advice. Some questions I cannot answer such as whether a nephrectomy is more painful than a hysterectomy.
Cancer used to be a scary word. That was before I. fought back and beat it.
My Medicare expires in 25 years when I turn 100. 
Stay away from restaurants serving kidney pie.

May each member of the club be a survivor for not just 16 years, but for many years beyond that

 Onr third of my peers have already checked out.

To the best of health for all



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Canadian Sandy
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Love your post icemantoo. Glad you’ve done so well. I turned 77 yesterday.

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Congratulations and life free of any disease

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my friend, are a rock.

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Congratulations Iceman. You were the first to talk me off the ledge and welcome me to this community and have done so for so many of us. May you have many more happy, and healthy years in chilly Florida!

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Awesome!!! You give us younger people on this board hope. Thank you for those words.

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I love this! Thank you for every advice you give,  all the positive karma you send and jokes you've made. You are an inspiration. You were the first person to answer my very first post. You did the same with a lot of folks on here. Thank you!! 



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Happy belated birthday young man ;) Time flies, it is almost two years after meeting you here and thank you again for being the first person to ease my anxiety at that point!

Wish you a lot more healthy and happy years to come!


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Happy birthday Iceman!!

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Wishing you and yours the best Iceman. Hope you enjoyed the birthday!

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not only do beautiful women write to you  you are also an Rock God to everyone on here

12 months ago when my consultant told me my 4.4cm chromophobe tumour was gone I asked him was I going to be ok

yes he said 

 I told him I needed 15 years like ICEMAN

he said he could  but

i did get a strange look I will be honest

sometimes I still catch him looking at me and I know he is dying to say ”who is Iceman”

when he does   I have my answer

he is an Legend .. that’s who... a legend 

truly love you big guy



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One of the joys of aging - especially when one has had to confront the very real possibility of not aging much further

Personally I look forward to seeing a continuation of the rapid advances they are making against cancer.

I hope you will have the opportunity to see many more changes too, Icey.

Happy Birthday and stay NED,


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Keep it up--we could use you for another 75:)


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Congratulations Iceman

And thanks for being so supportive to each and every member of the board


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Cheers to you Iceman, keep on truckin' 

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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For you-hope they all come true!!!  Continued good health-June

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Congrats and a very happy belated birthday. You're such a support to everyone on this board. Thank you for that.

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Here's to a wonderful sweet 16, and to the next round of sweet 16! Keep the ice for the cocktails! (especially now that you no longer live in the north!)

Cheers to you, my friend!



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WOW good for you iceman! Did you celebrate?

Yes, we have seen others on here come and go, and go...

YOU my dear man were the first to greet me back nearly 5 years ago.

Sending you loving hugs!


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Congratulations, Happly Belated Birthday


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I joined a little over two years ago and this is the first time I’ve been back since then. Everybody was such a great help and support. But I had a question since I don’t see them anymore, whatever happened to JoJo61 and footstomper are they still on this website?  Those two people were very welcoming to me when I joined and I just want to make sure they’re doing OK. 

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Joined: Nov 2016

I appreciate your comments and encouragement and humor. You were on of the first to help me on this board.

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Yes!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

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Nice ICE! 

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Congratulations on your milestone brother. You dont look a day over 50!


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Have no idea how that popped into my head, but it did. I'm not nearly old enough to have been around for this one!!

But I have been remiss in not adding my congratulations to our friend, Iceman. Great news and you have a wonderful story to share, always.

Your never-ending encouragement for everyone is awe inspiring.

May you go another 75 years strong!!

Congrats, my friend.

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