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New: Lung/Liver Metastates from CRC

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Hello all,

Just joined the forum. I am really amazed by the care, concern, support and knowledge in the posts. Thank you so much.

My dad is 72 and underwent colon resection a year and half back. His CEA spiked up recently and we did a PET/CT Scan. The radiologist's report indicate small solitary metabolically active lesions in the liver and right lung. The SUV values were 6 and 6.2 for the lung and the liver. The one in the liver is in segment V of the liver close to the porta.   Waiting for an oncologist appointment to discuss options. I would appreciate if any of you can share your experience on treatment options. Specifically is it normal to consider both lung and liver resections? Are they done together, separately?  Also is the surgery usually scheduled  within days, weeks or months?

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Sorry you have to find yourself here but it means you're on the right track as you're gathering as much info as you can.  Re: recurrences/mets.  I just had a lung met removed via VATS wedge surgery around 2 weeks ago.  It is just minimally invasive. I don't know if your father can be qualified but his team will best know what to do.  I had it discovered via PET/CT scan too and have been monitoring its activity.  I did have several rounds of chemo, 10 I think.  But I stopped.  And its there that the met started growing so I opted to have it removed.  I will most likely do chemo in the next coming weeks/months.  

I don't have mets to my liver (fingers crossed that the lung met that I just had removed will be the first and last met) so I cannot speak for liver resections but there are plenty of us here who has had it.  Good luck.

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thank you plsletitrain.  I will check out the VATS procedure. 

The first oncologist appointment is next week. After that I've to get a second opinion and decide on the team. My dad does not like the oncologist from the first time. Hopefully we can start some treatment in next 2-3 weeks. 

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I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  It's hard when a parent gets diagnosed.  My mom was diagnosed so long ago and it was hard on me.  I'm not able to help you with your questions, but wanted to say you are a very good child that takes the time to find out what to do to help their parent.  Wait until the oncologist appointment and go from there.  They will discuss the many options that you will have for your dad to move forward.  If your dad doesn't like the doctor, fire them and get someone he is comfortable with because you will be with them for many years.  Wishing you dad the best of luck.


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