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Anyone contacted to conduct interview on CSN?

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Posts: 1327
Joined: Oct 2013

Just wondering if any of our  members have also been contacted to conduct a survey on CSN forum and our use.

Sponsored by the American Cancer Society conducted by the Carnegie Melon University. 

They've contacted me twice now.

Any idea?


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I was contacted last week by CSN and have not yet responded 


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I haven't been contacted


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I recieved an email. Did not respond.  Probably not going to do it haha

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Well i believe in this site, but am skeptical after hackers and all on the internet. 



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Count me as one that was contacted a couple times now.  I'm waiting for CSN to contact me directly through this site before I respond.  I'm with you about being skeptical of hackers.


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I've been contacted as well and I responded to the email.  I think it's legit, I suspect that this is some grad students doing research.  

My next step is to do an interview via skype.  I have the person's name and I did look them up and so far everything is checking out, we shall see...  

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Have been contacted a couple of times but didn't respond. Due to not long after being contacted. I went to log in and my security told me (when I tabbed over to password)  "This site is not considered secure" It advised me to change my password and see if the warning showed up again.  It didn't! but due to that I didn't follow through.  I haven't got that warning since.

Medic I hope you find out it is legit.

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Hello everyone,

I would like to let you all know that the emails from CMU are legitimate. They are trying to get feedback on the platform being used for this site. If you have already been interviewed by them and keep getting requests, then please let us know and we can make sure the emails stop.


Best regards,


CSN Support Team

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Not me

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But I was contacted by the American Cancer Society to see if, as a cancer survivor, if I needed anything. I thought he was going to ask for a donation, but he never did. Kinda cool.

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Bay Area Guy
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The only thing I've been contacted about recently is a bank telling me to update my account information.....for a bank I have absolutely no relationship with.

Like many of you, I'm skeptical of anything I get through email.  My response to the above mentioned account update email was to send it on to the fraud division of the bank itself with a little note.

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This is the second year in a row I've been contacted to do an interview.  Last year I let it slide figuring my input wouldn't do much good as my C was last treated in '12. (I'm from the Head & Neck forum)

Got another email a month ago and my wife convinced me to do the interview.  It went very well and was conducted by a student who's role is running this website.  She was mostly interested in new ideas they had to inject into our view area, like links to other topics, etc.  All good stuff.

My wife did almost the same job in college and had a terrible time getting volunteers to help with her study.  Please reconsider your refusal.  Every thing you tell them benefits other people who use this site as support.  A little way to give back IMO.

The reason I am on your forum today is one of my dear friends has kidney cancer and I was hoping she took my advice about checking this forum out.  It helped me not to Google information.  Much better to get answers from those who walked the path before me.

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