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Maintenance after R-CHOP

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Just curious . . . How many folks need "maintenance" therapy after completing R-CHOP successfully?  Percentages if anyone has any to offer would be helpful. 


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Hi Dawn,

The use of maintenance therapy after the completion of chemo is usually only done for indolent lymphomas.  It is rarely used for agressive disease.  Indolent lymphomas are not curable where as DLBC is considered to be a curable disease with first chemo.  The use of maintenance Rituxian is to prolong the remissions period of indolent diseases.  Rituxian has been very sucessful in prolonging remission of these lymphomas.   Hope this answers your question.


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It DOES!  Thank you, Leslie.  Reassuring to me, as Terry told me that once he's done with all this he doesn't want to do anything else besides have repeat scans and labs done.  Knowing that it isn't offered for someone with his form of lymphoma eliminates that as something he may have to endure.

So appreciate the information.  


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