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Surgery success!

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Hi all - I had my VATS wedge resection to remove the tumor in my lung, which was successful!  Hurrah. I was in the hospital only 36 hours.  This was way easier than abdominal surgery.  The surgery itself took only an hour or so.  I was scheduled for 7:30 and awake in recovery by 10 am.  The pain has been minimal, no pain meds since Friday morning.  I am still tired but doing well.

I heard today that it was indeed colon cancer metastatic to lung.  While I'm not wild it traveled so far, I think that's better than a 3rd cancer.

Thanks to all who prayed or wished me the best.  It helps.  Traci

Now I've got my fingers crossed for Plsletitrain.  I hope your surgery goes as well as mine!

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I am happy to hear that your surgery went well, Traci.  May it be your last and take you back to being NED. 


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Yay Traci! I'm so happy for you!!!


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That is great news.  Wishing you a very speedy recovery.  Thank you for the update.


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Traci - What a relief!   Excellent news.  Cindy



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Joan M
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Happy to hear your surgery was a success.  You are lucky to have doctors willing to perform surgery for you on the lungs.  I may need to find someone who will operate on my lungs to get these tumors out of my body.  I had a cryo-ablation on one tumor last year, but have more now because I was off chemo for so long. 

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i hope you begin to feel better soon!

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Thanks everyone.  so happy this is over and can go back to life for a while.  Traci

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So glad to hear surgery was a success and that you are doing so well.  Wishing you quick healing

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Doing great, going back to work Monday.  Darn it, I was having too much fun.


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So glad the surgery was a success and you can go back to enjoying life.

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I've been spending my time off scrapbooking and trying to binge watch TV, just can't sit there for hours on end.  If the TV were in the same room as my scrapbook station, that would be easier.  Oh well,

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Thanks for remembering me.  I'm glad your surgery went well.  I'm also done with it, last July 4, and yeah, surprisingly the recovery is really fast as compared to conventional open surgery.  I'm very thankful to my surgeon who managed to pull the VATS.  

We're on the same boat.  The pathology report states its a met from the colon so I don't know, will we have more chemo then? That makes me sad. :(

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and you're recoving well.  So far no one is mentioning chemo, but I see my Oncologist in a couple of weeks.  We'll see.

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So Happy to hear surgery went well! 

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Can't wait for the incision from the chest tube to finish healing so I can get into the pool again!

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I'm so happy surgery went well. I had mine and I too was surprised at how much easier it was than the abdominal. Our stories sound very much alike.

I started chemo in June. Spent two weeks feeling just awful. My white cell count dropped to 2.2 so we skipped  the second treatment. Going to discuss lowering the dosage. Do you have to do chemo as well?

Good luck with everything


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I've been at this for a while now and my Oncologist has been willing to let it ride with no chmeo and doing surgery when needed.  I'll see him in a couple of weeks to see what he says.  That's aa bummer about your white cell count, happened to me but it tokk more like 6-8 rounds.  Hope you can get the dose lowered.

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