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Treatment side effects

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Joined: May 2018

Hello all. I just finished my first week of chemo (xeloda pills) and radiation. I am already starting to expereince some side effects; fatigue, neausa, and rectal pain. Yesterday i began to have bad pain deep in my glutes on both sides where i am getting radiation. I stated taking pain meds to help with this, but it has started to effect the way I walk now. Has anyone else experience this type of pain before?

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I didn't really have side-effects until after the second week but it doesn't seem to me like the radiation should affect the glutes. Have you discussed this with your radiologist?

I never took any pain meds during Neo-Adjuvant Chemo and Radiation.

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 is what I had from radiation during treatment   Of course that gets amplified substantially due to our own perceived thoughts on what we think should be happening when we get microwaved.   There is also the long term affects post treatment which can and do affect your privates,   From being unable to have intercourse due to pain to less dramatic attributes such as no grand finali .   

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The reason why asking this is rectal cancer radiation can cause major issues with the anus and rectum.  My experience with rectal cancer radiation was severe burns to the anus and going to the bathroom was a major hurt.  If you give me a little more information on type of cancer I'll be able to tell you my experience with my rectal cancer.  Mine was just up high enough to save me from permanent ostomy but left me with many bathroom issues.  Wishing you the best.


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Joined: May 2018

I do indeed have rectal cancer. Im stage 3b and the tumor is about 8 cm inside the recum, which i was told is good and will save me from a permanent ostomy as well. 

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I don't remember pain in my glutes, as such, but pain when I had to go to the bathroom - or felt I had to go - was extreme. Extreme to the point of biting down on a towel, to stop from screaming - and I am not exaggerating.  

I would definitely talk to your Radiation Oncologist about the glute pain, and how it is affecting your walking. The pain could be radiating from a different area, and manifesting in your glutes. Best they know, as they may have to re-direct the beams. 

I wish you the best. 


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