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Hello, I am 2 months post systematic chemo and have neuropathy on both hands and feet. What did help you manage it? Did it go away? Butt.

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I still have it in my feet over three years after the chemo. It's not bad, just annoying. I don't know what helps with it. I'd hate to have it continue in my hands. I hope someone can suggest something.


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It's waning, but still hangin with my feet.

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Five years (almost) post treatment. 

I have it in my fingertips, and my legs below the knee, and my feet. 

Nothing helps, but I have noticed that it gets worse when I have been heavy on the sugars and salt. 

You are still in your early days, and this may go away for you. 


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LOST MOST OF IT AROUND THE TWO YEAR MARK, but having a genetic disorder that expresses in neuropathy as well, I'm never certain if the little bit of numbness and clumsiness was from chemo, the disorder, or just a product of getting older[60 now]. Best of luck to you...............................................Dave

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I found that Alpha Lipoic Acid (600 mg twice a day) really helped me - even though I started it about a year after I finished chemo. I went from being unable to walk any distance to being able to walk long distances.  (I also found wonderful acupressure insoles that helped, but aren't made any more.) I still have some neuropathy in my hands and feet (10 years later) so I know it's permanent in my case.   I was also advised to take 10g of glutamine daily, but I just couldn't face more supplements.  That has been shown to help with neuropathy.  If it's really bad, your dr can prescribe Lyrica or Gabepentin(?) which might help.

My dr told me that if you still had neuropathy at the 2 year mark, then it was probably permanent.


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i have been on the alpha lipoic acid for 2 months- no improvement for me- Also take benfotiamine which is uspposed to help but it's not- also take vitamin b-12 sublingual- nothign is touchign the pain and numbness-

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Watch what you eat, and see if the pain is exacerbated by certain foods.  As I said above, I find that salt and sugar makes the symptoms work. 


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I've got it still 9 years later and the only thing that helps me is Gabapentine.  Hopefully yours will lessen as you stay off the drug but my doctor wouldn't listen to me while on it and now I'm dealing with permament neuropathy.  I've tried B6 to help but that didn't do much.  Hope that it lessens for you.


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Try vitamin B complex once per day. My chemo nurse suggested the Nature Made brand specifically and it totally got rid of my neuropathy issues. 

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My husband finished treatment in Sept 2017 and still has some in hands and feet.  Certainly is better than when he was going through treatment or right after.  He takes vit B complex but not sure it has helped or not.  Interesing about the foods...we will have to pay attention to that.

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i finished treatment over 6 years ago and still have numbness in my hands and feet.  I’ve tried so many things to improve them...even acupuncture.  Nothing helps but I can live with it.

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Last time I had chemo was back in 2012, and I still have it in my feet.  Not painful, but feels like I've got something around my calves.  If my feet get cold they ache, so I keep shoes on.  At least it's not so bad I have to take anything for it.  Like others have said, around the two year mark I had a lot of improvement.  Traci

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