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Colonoscopies now recommended at age 45

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I had my annual physical yesterday and my family doctor said the recommendation for colonoscopies just changed from age 50 to 45 due to the increasing numbers of people being diagnosed.  Hope this helps save some people from having to go through this fight!

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As one who discovered my disease at 49, due to minor symptoms and learning then that my dad just got diagnosed, and that CRC killed my aunt, I support the change. It could have saved me a fair amount of distress............................................Dave

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Good change as mine was discovered at 50 and it had been growing for 5-7 years.  This would have been a preventative for me and caught early.  Hopefully the insurance companies will change their rules as well.


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I was wondering about how long my cancer was growing before it was discovered since for at least a year I had been so very tired. I was wondering if the fatigue I felt was caused by the tumors in my colon and liver. Of course, I thought at the time it was just not getting enough sleep. 

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Yes this should have been changed on age long ago.  There are too many on this board that could have been saved by being treated earlier.  Just an example of me turning 60 today, waking up was thinking I'm now 60 I'm able to get a shingle shot and the insurance will pay for it, but I've had low white count for 10 years because of radiation and what a thought to be grateful I'm 60 just to get a shot.  They need to change that also.


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I didn't have my firt one untill I was 77.  Talk about too late!!!

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