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Hello NED!

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6 month post op CT came back NED! Woo hoo! Having this parasite grow inside me has been an interesting experience. It has taught me that life is short, do what you love and follow your passion . I start school in the fall for an LPN program. Nursing is something I love but I was too scared to go back to school for. I just felt I needed to focus on getting money to have a good life for the kids etc.. I'm doing something for me thats going to make me happy and will make better money in the long run. Not going to be easy but I'm ready! Just had to share that. I'm proud of myself and looking forward to the future. If cancer comes back, I'm ready! Bring it on! 




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Keep the NEDs coming.




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LCC, here you come, I assume.  And with an AT-ti-tude.

Hugs to all,


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Yep that's right! LCC is just 10 min. Away from me, so awesome. 

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Excellent news!!! 

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What can be better!

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Great and joyous news!

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I wish you all the best, Steph. I think that is a wonderful plan.


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WOW !!!! Say hello to your favorite Uncle NED (an old joke on this board :-). He is here to stay!

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Thanks for sharing, Steph--and, good luck this fall.



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Thank you for your kind words. I'm excited for the future. I'm done being worried all the time. I spent too much time with anxiety and depression these last 6 months. Just need to focus on my boys and my future. 


Take care everyone!!! 


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That’s great advice Step. I too fell into a slump after my wife’s diagnosi and while it’s always in the back of my mind I just one day decided I’d rather walk in faith rather than walk in fear.

Again......so glad to see your good news 

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Congrats on both counts! I don't know you but I'm proud of you. Go for it!!! SO happy for you.

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So happy for you! All the best with the LPN program!

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I am so happy for you. I'm so proud you are going back to school. After all your kind messages to me I know you will make a great nurse. You have such great compassion for others. I have worked in healthcare for over ten years I loved every minute. I'm so thankful for all my experiences and patients. I'm so happy for you and your children. 

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Posts: 166
Joined: Feb 2018

Thank you! That made me cry haha. I apprecuate that so much. I'm looking forward to the future. Not going to be scared anymore. Take care of yourself! 



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All the best for you!

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Congratulations, so happy yo hear your wonderful news

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Great news, Stephanie!  I'm psyched for you.  Onward and upward! 

I'm an administrator at a college of nursing here in NY...so happy, the world needs more nurses!  Go get 'em!


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phew.l so happy.. that little bundle of joy  can’t wait to chill  with his  awesome mama




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Yes! Congratulations!!!!!!

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Great news! wooho!! 


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I was thinking I haven't seen you in awhile! Hope all is good! I'm thinking about breaking up with my oncologist at WVCI.. He's great and all... But I like my Urolgic Oncologist better. Anyway, happy 4th! 

Take care 


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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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You have to be a special kind of person to want to be a an LPN.  You will absolutely use your life experience to give back to your patients-that a good thing-best of luck going forward-June


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Joined: Feb 2018

I appreciate your kind words. Looking forward to the future. Happy 4th! 

Take care, 


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for you.

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