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Marker Placements

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Today is the day that I get to have my net worth increased!  They are placing gold markers into my liver for Cyberknife.  I am a little bit anxious about this procedure, but they assured me it's nothing to worry about.  


I hope all goes well, and will leave an update when I get home.  Perhaps it will ease others anxiety over the matter.



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Speaking of precious metals, the staples in my colon are titanium and one of my chemo drugs was platinum (oxlaiplatin).  I feel like I now quailfy as a premium rental car (Titanium and Platinum being top of the line designations for Ford and others).  Best of luck with your procedure.

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They were only able to place a marker near the lesion on the left lobe.  The doctor was actually afraid she would kill me in the CT machine as the lesion on my right lobe is nestled up right next to my heart.  She said if he slipped a bit, or I breathed the wrong way, she could puncture my heart.  Of course, I told him to go on, because if we can't get the lesion taken care of, then won't it grow and kill me anyway?  She wasn't amused.

So, at least we can work on the one lesion, and perhaps I can look into resection for the other part.  I don't know.  Never easy with this crap.

Have a great day everyone!!!


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I love you attitude. It is good. It is positive. You will go far. Live long. 

Of course, we all wish they could have made it work on the right lobe, but it is good to keep you here longer.  With your positive outlook, and more treatment, you can make that leision history. 

Take care of yourself. I belive you're supposed to keep still for a while, right? 


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Glad you are doing well.  It's a very scary situation to be in when they tell you that if he slipped a bit it could puncuture your heart.  I'd be scared too.  Glad that you are here posting.


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