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Diffuse Type

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I'm new here and just looking for some hope. Back in Sept I was diagnosed with Diffuse type Gastric Cancer and did 1 round of ECX chemo then leading up to what was going to be a total gastrectomy surgery the Docs put me on 4 cycles of FLOT chemo, my surgery was scheduled for Jan 29th. Well I went in for the surgery and 6 hours later I still had my stomach etc. They tried and biopsied everything and left no stone unturned but it was in the fibrous tissues that surround my organs so they didn't remove anything as it would not benefit me. As of yesterday I went to my Onc and was told that I would be on Chemo for life and I'm devastated because I always held out so much hope and I'm not normally a negative person but this was a huge blow for me and my mind has ended up in a dark place I'm having trouble climbing out of. Does anyone have any experience with chemo for life and what to expect? I'm 46 and have a 12 year old son that I want desperately see grow up. Any input would be welcome so I have an idea of what I'm up against. As a side note I have never wanted to know what stage or how long I have to live as I could not change that and I didn't want to live in a dark place....

Sorry for venting and Thanks for listening


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Hi Shaundra,


How have you been doing? My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer meeting at the espohogas in March, it spread to his spine and a lymph node. Neither chemo or radiaion worked. We are now trying Keytruda- Immunotherapy. Have you looked into this?? 

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