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little to no sensation

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It has been 14 months since my prostatectomy/diverticulotomy.  Since my surgery, I have little to no sensation that my bladder is filling.  In additon, when I do pee, I have little to no sensation in my penis.  There have been times when I have been wet, and not know it...it just comes out on its own.  I thought I was making a little progress here a while back.  I had been dry at night for several nights in a row, but lately I have been wet every night for over a week.  Very inconsistent.  I'm too afraid to go without wearing a diaper thinking that I might have an accident.  I did have green light surgery about 10 years ago.  I will be 71 on Sunday.  Is this still a part of the recovery process, or is this going to be the new normal?  

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Hi Damp,

First of all Happy Birthday this weekend.

I would think at 14 months you should have recovered a lot of your urine retention capability by now.  Most men but not all men have recovered to their best potential in the 12-24 month timeframe.  I had recovered about 90% of my urine retension by 12 months with a little improvement till about 18 months.  Still have to wear a light pad daily but I'm OK with that.    Did you do your Kegal excersizes after your surgery?  I still do mine today 4 years later,  I think it helps.  Have you had a talk with your Urologist about your leakage, has he or she run any diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, MRI's, ect?  If you were making progress after surgery and then relasped it could be something else causing your urine leakage, just need to start the process of determining what it is. 

Dave 3+4

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Dave, thanks for your reply.  Yes, I have done everything you mentiond...numerous times.  I had another urodynamice study done at the first year anniversary of my surgery that indicated everything was as it should be.  One thing they did mention is that my exterior sphincter doesn't relax as it should.  I have a very large bladder which may also cause some of the overflow incontinence.  I had a diverticulotomy at the same time as my prostatectomy.  My urologist said it was huge; about the size of a grapefruit.  I do wear diapers.   Since I had previous control issues before my surgery, I'm pretty used to them.  If I have to wear protection the rest of my life, I can handle that.  I just don't want anything more serious to develop.  I guess that is way I'm always asking questions...trying to stay on top of things.  Thanks for the birthday wishes.


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I had never before heard of your surgery until you mentioned, it, but read a bit on it since.

I suspect that your incontenence is wholly related to the bladder surgery, since I've never heard of a similiar situation here, which is usually focused on PCa and related problems.

I would pester the urologist about what, if anything, can resolve your issue.


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Dennis:  After surgery I spent ten years doing the recommended things to stop the leakage.  The surgeon's emphasis was on Kegels.  He never did tell me that the drippage was coming from his connection of the bladder to the uretha.  I finally saw an AMS800 Artificial Sphincter Surgeon who showed me on the monitor where nothing would have worked because the bladder/sphincter connection was faulty.  Apparently not unusual.  After the AMS 800 surgery, I use only a light liner which seldom has even a drop on it.  Good luck.   tpelle

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