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Quillin's ImmunoPower

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Hi all - Has anyone tried Quillin's ImmunoPower supplement? Talked to oncologists about it? Have any sort of opinion?

I've finished reading his book and I am impressed. But, I wish I could find some information besides web sites just trying to sell the stuff. Thought I would ask here - I think there may have even been a recent post, but search function doesn't seem to be functioning well. I'm already changing my diet, but the supplements are quite pricey (although when its your life they suddenly seem less expensive if they can help).

Thanks all for any help you can give.


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Hi Betsy - I haven't tried it, but does it list what is in it? You may be able to find a good supplement brand that is cheaper. Jarrow is really well-resepcted, and I can list a few more brands also, but don't know if some are regional. There can be a huge swing in price for supplements as well as quality; your questions are really worthwhile. Hope you receive some good info. All the best - Maura

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Not that this really means anything, but ImmunoPower is listed on http://www.quackwatch.org/ as a questionable cancer treatment. But the thing is ... just about everything except standard chemotherapy is listed as a questionable cancer treatment on quackwatch.org, and then they only list it as a questionable treatment with no explanation or reasons why. I was very curious to give ImmunoPower a try until I saw the price (I'm in graduate school and living on a student budget right now), but I did find a high potency multivitamin called "Alive! by Nature's Way" that closely resembles ImmunoPower EZ but costs much less.

I'll be interested to see if anyone has asked their doctors about this product.


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Thanks a lot. I have looked at that multivitamin "Alive" it actually contain more stuff in one pill than what immunopower provide per day. Thanks a lot. i will buy it .

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I looked up Nature's Way, and they look like a respectable company.

I have started taking a supplement by a company called Garden of Life, and have been very pleased with the results.

Please come back and post a comment in a new thread on your experience with 'Alive'. 


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Hi Betsy, I bought Immuno power the pills and powder. I am currently on FolFox and find that i can not stomach the powder. like a fool i bought 4 jugs of the powder and pills. the website immunopower.com does list all that is in both the pills and powder. if anyone is interested in the powder i still have 2 unopened and one opened but not used cans at a really good price. I find the smell makes me totally gag and i get the dry heaves for some time after. Others don't mind it. I am lookig for an alternative now to get my vitamins but have also started juicing. Immuno power also has sample packs you can try out first now i learn so you may want to go that route. best of luck. Mark

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Hey... maybe we can start selling supplements here! We could call it "c-bay" instead of "e-bay". I'll vouch for Limey - he's been a regular semicolon (no pun intended!) for a couple years, Betsy.

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Hi Betsy,

I'm am one who is unsure about supplements. It makes me nervous to take high doses of stuff which seems to be recommended by naturpaths. Also one thing that is curious to me, is the arguement that traditional medicine ignores supplements for cancer treatment because docs and researchers are in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies.

But isn't there money to be made in supplements?? - seems like it, given the price they are charging for ImmunoPower. I mean isn't the original snake oil salesman after money? I don't think anyone can deny that they are at least a few snake oil salesman out there in the alternative cancer treatment industry.

How do you know what is genuine? It makes my head spin. It also seems to me that there has to be plenty of good people in traditional cancer research who would love to get their hands on something that would cure cancer. I don't completely buy the arguement that they don't pursue natural treatments becuase there is no money in it. That would mean that the world is a very bleak and evil place to me, if it were true. There has to be many cancer researchers out there who purely want to cure cancer. Imagine the satisfaction, fame, fortune, and good karma one would get if they found a cure for cancer.

I am open to hearing arguements about this, I'm sure my questions and confusion confound some natural treatment supporters. Don't mean to flame or anything like that.

Best Wishes,

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I took Immunopower EX most of the 8 months I was on chemo in 2004. I took the ingredient list to my oncologist and he consulted with the cancer pharmacists and came back and told me it was fine. The only thing he warned me about was vitamin K and how that would probably change some of the free bleeding side effects of Avastin and if I was ever hospitalized to tell them. I was on Folfox 6 with Avastin. I weighed the expense of trying to buy the different supplements that would have everything immunopower did and found it to be cheaper to use it. I never missed a chemo treatment due to low blood counts either. One thing I liked about it was the fact that you should never self medicate with supplements since you can do more harm then good. An example would be taking a iron supplement really screws up your liver counts

Yes, supplements can be expensive since insurance won't pay for them, but I like that they have no side effects!!!!!! An interesting tidbit about snake oil. I have a friend that's grandfather was a full blooded Indian Medicine Man that swore by snake oil and it's benefits. She remembers him telling her it was really good until people started selling fakes and then the government got involved in it and outlawed it.

I so agree with you Maria!!!!! It irritates me too that our health doesn't seem to be as important as making money is. Last week on the nightly news they were making a big deal out of a $100 million research grant given to find out what caused cancer. I was appalled and wondered what the hell they have been researching for the last 40 years!!!!!!

I personally would rather see an emphasis placed on prevention of cancer instead of a cure. Colorectal cancer is one of the easiest to detect and prevent with colonoscopies and diet but I don't see anyone advocating that. My insurance company has shelled out over a half of million dollars on my behalf the last 2 years and that could all have been avoided if I would have had a colonoscopy when I had a physical when I was 45. Insurance won't cover the $1500 tests until you reach 50 unless your doctor convinces them it is necessary.

I was a little leery when I went the alternative route and would grill my naturopathic doctor on the whys for everything she recommended I do. I checked up on her answers with research and found it all to be sound.

I have a brother who is a doctor and last year he thought I was crazy to stop chemo and go the alternative route. I just spent some time with him last week and he is very humbled by how "I took control of my disease" by research and educating myself. He actually told me he was very proud of me and that he knows that medical schools are adding more nutrition coursed to their curriculums. He only took one course in his many many years of school. He would like to see some statistical data to support supplements, much like he sees with medicine. I think one day in the future, the comprehensive cancer centers will use a more integrated approach for healing a patient. I envision a consultative meeting with oncologists, clinical nutritionists, holistic and homopathic practioners, accupuncturists, and spiritual support.

I could go on for days about this but won't bore you any more.

Lisa P.

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Several years ago (1999) I took Immunopower with my oncologist's permission. I had read Quillin's book and thought it worth a try.  I was being treated for NSCLC, Stage IV. I had to avoid the days of, day before, and day after chemo.  I went into remission and have remained.  I would NOT recommend that anyone take it IN PLACE OF traditional treatment.  It's only supposed to boost one's immune system---NOT be the only treatment in your program.  Yes, it's a little expensive, but I calculated the total cost and decided it was worth the cost.  

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