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Had Brain MRI the 16th

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After kidney cancer surgery 3/8/18, and all info on that is in my profile, I have begun to get dizzy. I had a week where I was pretty much down and out! Earth shattering dizziness. Doc couldn't figure it out, so they ordered a brain scan. Just before that, I started taking antihistamines, thinking I had a bug or allergies plugging things up and causing the dizziness. It helped tremendously. Now all I get is a little dizziness on laying down or getting up. Fine the rest of the time.

The MRI results were not at all what I was expecting. I was afraid there may be some brain mets, but there is not. That's the good news.

The bad news is, there is a 1 cm meningioma, a tumor on the brain covering. There is also a 7mm lesion, which is Cerebral Cavernous Malformation. My doc appointment is in 10 more days. They did call and give me this basic info, but that's all I know, except for looking it up online. It's going to be a long 10 days waiting to find out more. I do know they want to rescan in two months. The kidney cancer was very fast growing and aggressive, and we don't want a repeat of that anywhere.

Anyone else with this type of thing? I'm trying not to freak out. My mother died of brain cancer, and hers was a terrible glioblastoma, stage 4. I know I should not compare the two but it comes in anyway.

It's a bit unnerving, for sure. Most of these meningiomas are benign. Key word: MOST. Just like most kidney cancers are slow growing. Mine was not!!

Any info or advice?

TIA! Hope you are all doing well.

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I'd just like to say that the it seems like your kidney cancer has alerted the doctors to a different condition that will be treated promptly!! When bad luck becomes good luck, we must rejoice in the feeling of karma (or whatever you belive in) lifting you up for a reason. 

My dear friend had brain surgery for a very large benging brain tumor in her early 30's as a new mom. She's almost 8 years out and doing fine. You will be too, if that needs to happen for you. 

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Thank you for the encouragement! I'll just hold my breath for 10 days while waiting. LOL. This, too, shall pass. But I appreciate the info and encouraging! Thanks!!

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---as fu for a fall. Not fun. Dealing with old issues not related to mets.




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I hope it was good and that you are ok, iceman.

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I'm glad you followed up and got scans done. I'm always afraid I am just over thinking and being anxious now. Especially during spring with everything blooming. I've been dizzy today but wouldn't have thought to follow up. Hang in there and feel free to message me if you just need to talk! 

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It took them 2 years to finally scan my brain for the dizziness. Good news, brain was ok. Now, I can live with the dizzy.

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Ugh, I know that feeling - you do a medical test to exclude one thing, and it comes up with smth totally unexpected, causing other problems... 

My best advise would be - PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE! It won't help you at all, it will simply scare you to death due to outdated/unprecise/ completely false info.

I've googled so maņy times, and Dr.Google was always wrong!

meningiomas are benign, I've heard a person who had it, bigger than yours, she had surgery years ago and is fine now!




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Thanks, all of you. Doing a lot better last week and very little dizziness. It is a terrible thing when it renders one incapable of doing almost everything! 

Yes, I am aware of the very, very bad Dr. Google! I did look these two things up to see what they were! I really didn't know. I think I got good info and I searched no further!! When I first was diagnosed with the kidney tumor, I quickly learned google was not my friend, and in fact, reading OLD articles and seeing my odds of survival be about 8%, well, I didn't like that one bit. Then I noticed the date on the article....then I found smart patients and this place and the rest is history! BAD Dr. Google!! They can scare the faint of heart easily. I had one foot in the grave already, according to all that. No, not going there!!


Thanks for the great support. The waiting is so hard, though. I think the answer is also more waiting. I think it's going to be wait and see, scan again and go from there. SO hard to be patient.

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