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Some surprising news

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my husband had two tumors in his liver one in the caudate lobe that caused him to be jaundice from May -aug of last year. That was ablated  due to location. The second was 5cm and the surgeon was upset he did not get good margins at all for it. He was glad he was putting in the HAI pump because of that. Turns out it was NOT a metastasis and just leftover fluid that hardened from the first surgery! Although I might be happier about this if he didn’t just have major surgery that could have been less invasive. Oh well, he is home looking super pale and very weak.  Which is not unexpected and I already gave him iron and I am planning to make lots of fat filled  protein based food for him. Drain is in still they taught him to care for it, he is threatening to pull it. I might kill him before anything else gets him lol thank you everyone for all your support!

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I'm sure you know that some brands can constipate.

Glad that he came home today.  Feed him up and love him. He'll bounce back better at home than in hospital.  

Sorry and happy about the 2nd 'tumour'.  Better safe than sorry, eh. 


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lol I know it can but his hemoglobin is so low it’s 8 it should be above 12 so he needs for it now. 

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I have never been one to take supplements, but have discovered a company called Garden of Life. Totally natural - well, as totally as they can be, I think. I belive they do an Iron supplement that says it doesn't constipate. 


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It's good to hear some good news, although it is surrounded by so many other challenges.  You guys seem to have the "guts" to survive all of this so take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.


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Its wonderful news but unfortunate that he had that big surgery. He'll get better. It might be quick or it might take a while but he'll get better and stronger. I take vitamins b, C, and D every day. Maybe that would help?


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That is good news and to think that your oncologist didn't want to discuss any of this with you (think it was that doctor).  I'm so glad he is home and have you to cook some good meals for him.  Wishing him the speediest of recoveries and he will probably be chasing you around pretty soon.  You are a great caregiver and he knows it.  Keep up the good work.


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Finding out it wasn't a metastasis is always going to be good news. Praying he recovers faster than expected. And that he leaves that drain alone! ...for your sanity. I know you're resting easier with him home. 

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So glad you had some good news.  I hope  being at home  with your care and home cooking speeds his recovery and  improves his mood.


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Sorry he had to go through the surgery, but that is good news!

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