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Scar cream

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My beautiful 6 1/2 inch scar needs some love. Where my drain was is raised and don't know if thats ever going to fade. Any suggestions for scar cream? When did you start using it? I'm currently using mederma pm intensive treatment cream. My incision is still tender and don't know if I should waite or try something else. 

Thank you all in advance


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 I went the other direction. I had two anatomical tattoos over my 10 inch incisions on my back, from both my lung surgeries. Mine are ragged openings of my back where you see the ribs, muscle, lungs, etc. Of course they are on my back so they dont get seen by many folks. But they are so real looking they will startle people who are not expecting to see something like that. My wife thinks they are disgusting, so I know I did the right thing getting them. Of course Im a tattoo guy and have had others for 30+ years. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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That is a great idea! Just have to convince my husband haha. I have one tattoo I got before I met him and he's not a tattoo guy soo.. We'll see .

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I used silcione gel - a brand that the surgeon was able to put on in theatre (in a sterile pack) and one that I could use afterward.   It seems to have worked well.  Can be used after surgery and even on rather old scars.   Is much more convenient that silcone dressings which have to be placed and secured and removed for showering.   The brand I was recommended came from Switzeralnd but they all seem to have the same active ingredient so I don't think you have to go fancy or expensive.   If it is a very old scar, they say after 4 - 6 weeks all the improvement will be seen that is going to be seen.   Just google silicone scar gel for hypertrophic scarring.  

I didn't really use very much, my scars were very fine (internally stiched and end buried) and I didn't get any keloid - one was a little red and then settled.  6 months later they are becoming white lines. 

My son got burnt by a cigarette on his face at a club the other day - he has used the sillicone gel and whilst is was a superficial burn it seems to have healed faster and better than I would ahve expected.  Silicone sheeting used to be all that was available, now with the gel it is much easier to treat awkward scars and easy and relatively cheap. 

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I'll look into it, thank you! 

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Some people recommend papaya cream and also calendula cream.

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I hear ya. My larger incision is all good. It is the 3 little other ones that don't want to behave. They are raised and it sucks lol. I went for a massage and the lady said to rub the crap outta them because they are all "bound". Basically stuck together. I usually use Vitamin E (first aid/Vaseline-type) stuff for scars and tattoos and it usually works. I need to try that more. Good luck.

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I had hand surgery recently and used the silicone gel every night.  It is fairly expensive, but you cut it to the necessary size and then re-use it for quite a while.  It really works in making scars minimalized.

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I tried massage, but that didn't work for me. I have a large 8" scar across my abdomen from my open total neph. I belong to Planet Fitness, and we have a red light therapy machine (similar set up as a stand up tanning bed, but non-UV lights). My scar went from raised and very red to barely noticable and flat after several uses of the "Beauty Angel". See if your local gym or spa has red light therapy. It doesn't burn like a tanning bed, no UV lights involved, very easy. I was honestly a little mad that my scar faded so much - that wasn't the reason I was using the red light therapy. I feel like the scar is my reminder of the battle I conquered.

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Oo good to know! I'll have to find a gym that does it and sneak in haha!

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I used Palmers Coccoa Butter and cream after a nurse recommended it. Great results!

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