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Menopause and Electricity Shocks!!!

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I'm 28 yrs old...was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October 2016. I have gone through chemo, radiation, and have been on a hormone therapy for about a yr (or a little over a yr). I have been pre-, and going through, menopause since I started my chemo. I've had the hot flashes, the sudden increase in weight, exhaustion, aches and pains in my bones and joints. But the one thing that has intesified is the increase in shocks I get!

It's as though I am walking around, 24/7, wearing footsie pj's and everything I touch is metal! For example: at my job, there is a very comfy chair that we circulate around our department. It has wool-like cushions (back, seat, and arms) but there is metal on the chair as well. So, no matter what...every time I stand up or sit down in it, I get shocked! And it's not a little shock either. I feel it race up my arm, through my shoulder, and into my neck! However, I asked my co-workers if anything similar happens to them when they use the chair...and guess what? It doesn't! I suppose I wouldn't be writing this forum if it did LOL!

So, I'm still very new to this whole "having-cancer-going-through-menopause" thing and was just curious if anybody had any in-site for me!


Much appreciated!

Pam ~Tough Cookie (my "Super Hero" name given to me by a Best Friend while I was facing treatments <3)

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Hi there! I'm not sure if it's remotely the same thing, but I'm currently going through chemo and I get "L'hermitte Sign" or Barber Chair sign which is when you tilt your head down and an electrical shock goes through your whole body.  My doctor said it's a part of the neuropathy so basically the chemo is attacking my nerves. I wonder if the treatment you're on is also affecting your nerves and causing the shocks? I'm 35 and also going through menopause, but I haven't had shocks in my arm like you have. It's more one giant shock through my body every time I look down. The good thing is my doctor said it's not permanent and will go away if I switch drugs. Isn't cancer so fun?

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