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Second opinion

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I posted on here quite some time ago about how a kidney lesion was found by acciden. At that time which was over a year ago it was 5.5mm so very small. I had my 6 month follow up appt in December 17 with an ultrasound done. That ultrasound showed it had grown to 1.3cm. So now about 5 months later I saw a new urologist. during my appointment he stated he though it looked benign at this time and he didn’t trust ultrasounds when determining size. He has decided to do another MRI since it has been over a year since my last one. But my question is for everyon. Has anyone ever been told by there dr they didn’t trust ultrasounds. Because my first doctor from Barnes Jewish Hospital said totally different things about ultrasounds. Yes I know it was a second opinion and hey can have difervent opinions but I just thought it was odd.

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Don't fret over different thoughts with something so small. Not sure why they aren't doing a CT scan. If there was no room for difference of opinion the nurses could interpret the ultrasounds.

Ultrasounds are often just preliminary tests with the leat accurate measurements. 


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I agree with icemantoo about the ct scan. When my ultrasound showed a mass i had a mri done. When i was sent to urology they had me do a ct scan and ask why i had a mri lol. Anyway, be your own advocate.  If you question your care, you can always get a second opinion. I have my wonderful surgeon who is a urolgic oncologist and i have a oncologist who specializes in RCC. I got my second opinion when my UO said to do scans one at 6 mo then one at 2 yr mark then one at 5yr mark. I saw a oncologist and he agreed with me to do standard protocol of scans every year. For peace of mind, a second opinion was good for me. I hope this helps. Good luck to you! 



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I had two radiologists read my ultrasound as clear.  My diligent urologist still sent me for a CT with contrast, which revealed a mass.  Had he not done that, I wouldn't be here today, four years later.  So put me in the camp of not trusting ultrasounds for the final word.

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I also had an ultrasound that did not show my tumor.  I get a yearly CT because of that as my follow up.   

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Your image of hands in front of the sun is probably meant to look like a heart...

But it looks like a kidney to me and it even has a small lump on it.


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Mine wasn't caught on ultrasound either..

I get ct yearly now too and us at 6 months   urologist said the density was same as tumor.  But was told it was partially cystic so I don't know   just know he said need ct too

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Because they serve different purposes. US found the lesion. MRI defines it. Learn what you don't understand or just get one giver to make decisions for you. Thiis is serious busness with no room for misunderstanding. Ask more questions for your safety. Don't take opions out of context.

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Mine was found via ultrasound, but the CT and MRI enhances it so they had a better look at what they are dealing with. I wanted answers and the other scans clearly showed what was going on. Athough, they already suspected mine was cancer with the ultrasound. The reason was that I had a 6 cm cyst right beside it so you could CLEARLY see the difference between the two. I had my first urologist tell me she didn't think it was a tumour and to wait. She didn't even tell me the radiologist diagnosed it as cancer. Six months later (and now missing one kidney lol)....it was cancer and now I am all clear. Get answers love. This is your life and your body.

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