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My recent PSA Test

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Would appreciate getting your thoughts. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer back in 2002 with a Gleason score of 3+3. Had Radical Prostatectomy in 2002. PSA has been zero until last week. Showed 3ng/ml which was a complete shock considering I was cancer free for 15 years. Any idea what is happening? Error in PSA testing?


Thanks very much

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You can request the lab to repeat the test (they keep the blood sample during 15 days) or do the test from a newer blood sample but using a lab with sensitive two decimal digits assays (0.XX ng/ml), proper for guys with no prostate gland. 

Surely, if the value 3.0 ng/ml is correct that would mean that you were not "... cancer free for 15 years ..." but was in remission. In any case you can nock down the bandit again for good or as a means of controlling it in remission.

Can you tell us your PSA histology? Were you on hormonal drugs or taking supplements along the years after op? What is your age?

 Let's hope for a lab error.


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It was Adenocarcinoma, 11 of 11 lymph nodes free of cancer and no evidence of metastatis. I was not given any drugs or supplements, Was given "clean bill of health"!  I am 67. My only fear now is that if it has reoccured that it hasen't spread.


Thank you kindly for your response.

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Record of Old-timer’s PSA Readings and a Comment

1991: 4.0 ( taken in May) (prior to surgery)

1991: (July) biopsy disclosed prostate cancer.

1991: (September) radical prostatectomy

1991: .0* (taken in October)

1992:  .0*

1993: .0*

1994: .01

1995: .01*

1996: .01*

1997: .01*

1998: .01*

1999: .10*

2000:  .10

2001:  .10

2002:  .20

2003:  .12

2004:  .30 (taken 1-29-2004)

2004:  .49 (taken 6-4-2004)

2004:  .62 (taken 10-1-2004)

2004:  .98 (taken 12-31-2004)

2005: Jan. 28-Mar 16: 36 sessions of radiation therapy directed to prostate area.

2005: 1.16 (taken 4-27-2005)

2005 1.42 (taken 6-29-2005)

2005 1.61 (taken 9-9-2005)

2005 1.90 (taken 12-12-2005)

03/21/2005  2.9

06/14/2006  3.1

01/09/2007  7.3

04/23/2007  7.9

07/12/2007  12.3

09/18/2007  11.2

12/05/2007  9.4

02/24/2008  16.4

06/13/2008  20.4

06/16/2008 (began hormone therapy)

07/02/2008  <0.1

10/08/2008  <0.1

03/24/2009  <0.1

2010 <0.1

2011 <0.1

2012 <0.1

2013 <0.1

2014 <0.1

2015  <0.1

2016    0.1

2017    0.3

2018    0.3

*I do not have written records for these readings. They were given to me verbally by the doctor and/or his nurse.

Personal Comment (this comment written in about 2007)

I was thrilled with the zero PSA readings after surgery. I became slightly concerned about them in 2002 and 2003. Then I worried only mildly as the numbers moved up in 2004 because I expected radiation therapy to be successful. But then I became  apprehensive as the readings continued to rise following radiation. Nevertheless, I accept the thought that the road ahead will likely have as many downs as ups. Hopefully, there will be periods of smooth sailing as well. 

Following note written in April 2018: Years 2008-2018 have been great. My wife and I will celebrate our 69th wedding anniversary this spring and I will turn 92 this summer.

Best wishes to readers of this thread.

Old-timer (Jerry)

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Thanks for sharing your experiences. Congratulations on your 69th wedding Anniversary. My wife and I are celebrating our 40th this Friday!


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You need to confirm that the PSA of 3.0 is real, before starting to worry. In any case, any further treatment would start from an exam to locate the bandit. These image studies have improved along the years after your diagnosis of 2002 and now are better in identifying small metastases in the whole body. There are also multiparametric definitions in cross data analysis to judge cancer spread. You can start by diffusing your worries with researches on the latest "discoveries" and ways to treat recurrences. The PSA could be an error but by researching you will get peace of mind.

Each one's case is different but Old Timer's history above can be taken as an example when dealing with recurrences while enjoying life. In your searches, look for PET/CT exams with PSMA isotopes.




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I had my PSA test redone with the ultra sensitive Assay. My urologist called to tell me the Good News! The PSA values came 0. It was indeed a relief and I guess I dodged the bullet. 


Thank you VG and OT for your inputs. Greatly appreciated. 


In reading all the threads I only hope that one of these days, the C-word will be history.

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Now you can relax!

PS: PSA assay results don't come in as 'zero'; the usual format is 'less than (<) some (small) number' or'not detectable'. 

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It was .012ng/ml. I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out again in 6 months. 

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It was .012ng/ml. I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out again in 6 months. 

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I am going to do some research as you have suggested, pending the outcome of my 2nd blood test.


Will keep you all posted.

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