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Celebrating FOUR years NED

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Joined: Jan 2013

How blessed I feel!

I thank Dr. Rembetski, my bowel surgeon. Dr. Singh, my Oncologist. Dr. Kos, my Radiation Oncologist and Dr. Galanopoulos, my liver surgeon. 

And of course, I am thankful for my family, my friends, and all who have prayed and sent good vibes my way. 

I also thank myself. Yeah, I'm a work in progress.  

I am so grateful to be alive and well. And believe me, my blessing is not lost on me. 

Thank you all for your support here. Every bit of love helps. 


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Joined: May 2013

i am so happy for you, and even more happy you are still here. I love how you love and live a full life :)

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I hope you'll be alive and well and around for many more years!



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Joined: Sep 2014

Yay! That's wonderful news! I hope we all end up posting the same thing eventually. Thank you for giving us hope and congratulations!


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Congratulations!  Your accomplishment is an inspiration to us.

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Joined: Jul 2017

Congratulations on this wonderful milestone. Sure appreciate all your advice and support here! Here's to 40 more!


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   You have been  wonderful source of support for so many here , it is so great to see you building meaningful waypoints on your own journey back to good health. Four years and onward, Hugs Ron.

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats Tru! You are such an inspiration and give so much encouragement to everyone here.

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Another fine milepost Tru, calls for a happy dancing army, but I'm a techno dunce so here's a bunch of happy facesLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingOnward and upward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dave

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Joined: Feb 2018

That is wonderful news....here is to at least 40 more....


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You know how I feel about your actions and behavior, now add to that list your health!  Congratulations.  You are an example for the rest of us.  A positive attitude (a mustard seed) can affect any outcome.

Enjoy the diagnosis and continue to lead by example.  Your actions have motivated me during some dark moments.


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Joined: Jun 2017

Congratulations on your four year NED anniversary! You have been an inspiration to many on this site. 

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Such great news Tru!  So happy for you and your family...


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Joined: Oct 2015

Congratulations! Such wonderful news and so inspiring! Wishing you many more years of NED!

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very pleased to hear and super excited for you ... here's to many more milestones.

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Joined: Jan 2017

to hear this good news.  May you always be cancer free.  Go have yourself a BIG party!

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Joined: Feb 2016

Awesomeness! Congrats to you, your family and team!

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Lily Flower
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Joined: Jul 2017

Absolutely wonderful news! Congratulations Tru and wishing you many many more years to follow!

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Joined: Apr 2012

Great!!! And may you remain NED for the next 44yrs.

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Posts: 5462
Joined: Jan 2013

Dan, if you live to be 104, then I will live to be 104. You know you are my hero. 


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What a milestone to have reached.  That is wonderful news and thank you for sharing that info.  We all need to hear of success stories here.  May God continue to Bless you with continued health.  Thanks for being such a great member of this board.

Hugs!  Kim

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Joined: Oct 2017

and thank you for your postings of encouragement and inspiration. Mary

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Joined: Jun 2016

I haven't been on here for a while, but I'm glad I made it here in time to say congrats!

Keep it up!


Posts: 62
Joined: Mar 2018

Firstly I'm sorry that I couldn't congratulate you earlier due to my complications.

Hopefully I'll come and write such news as yours in near future, you are such an inspiration. 

I wish you will write your many more NED notifications.

Thank you for being here with us Tru

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Joined: Jan 2018

Congratulations!!! Such an inspiration for so many!!!

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Joined: May 2018

That is amazing!  Wonderful to hear, good for you!!! 

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Joined: Jan 2018

Congratulations on your NED!!!!

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Joan M
Posts: 411
Joined: Oct 2016

I am so very happy for you Tru!  Praying for many more years of NED for you and the others that have had such wonderful results!

This brings hope to those of us seeking the same results.   


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