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Newly Diagnosed Stave 4 Metastic BC (MBC)

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Hi all.  I am so very glad to have found this site.  I knew I badly needed a support group, but once or e en twice a month at night wasn't going to cut it.  I'm 55 and I thought that was young.  Then, again, I thought a lot of things.  My cance is in my left breast and a few lymph nodes but metasisized (still can't spell it) to my lower, L5 spine.  I'm on Letrozole and Ibrance and have only had one bone after the first showed it in myt spine.  All the scans showed the drugs are doing their thing, whic is GREAT!  Here's my thing...I'm not even close to being out of the woods and I just can't stop thinking...when is the other shoe going to drop.  Next scan?  5 more scans?  Hearing you have terminal cancer now seems to be a waiting game.  I NEED to connect to people who can understand.  Any takers out there?  (p.s.  I normally live a very out of the box life, I'm not an Eeyore, but now I REALLY have to manage my life and pain.)

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Hello Kat, sorry you are HERE..but you are still HERE!! I know its very hard not to think about the what if ..when etc...but try and focus on the NOW ! we all are going thru one way or another .I had my surgery just this past march 2017 left breast..so Im still new to all of this too but I have realized thru it all .how strong I am and keep remaining positive and keep positive things arounds me (grand kids friends ) but sure I think about things..but my good out weigh my bad...I am going to "keep Living my new normal

**dont give up Kat Keep fighting keep asking questions of your doctors .

prayers and blessing to you and your family  HUGS 


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I am sorry you have this diagnosis.  We are here for you.  Keep fighting, finding the silver linings when you can.  That is what I do.  Everyday, we have to find something to keep us up there.

Prayers for easier times for you,



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Hi Kat!

My mom had the same diagnosis and a very similar progression of metastasis. It's definitely a journey and patience can be the hardest part. She struggled a lot with having to adjust her lifestyle. There's an organization that I used that offers free peer-to-peer mentoring for cancer patients and caregivers. They match you with a 'Mentor Angel' based on very detailed criteria (cancer type, stage, treatments, symptoms, family situation, financial situation, etc.). It's been a lifeline to have a mentor in almost exactly the same situation that I can contact as much or as little as I like and when I need to.

Here's the link and a little about it: https://imermanangels.org/get-support/

Thought you might find it helpful to check out - certainly couldn't hurt!

My mom always used to say - the only way out of it is through it. Just keep pushing through!



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