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Good evening all,

Hoping this posts finds everyone doing well. 

I saw my thoracic surgeon last Friday and I have VATS scheduled next monday. Amazing fast! I am very comfortable with my surgeon. He seems very knowledgeable and experienced. I have two nodules in my lower left lobe. He's assuming they are colorectal cancer but will not know until tested. He will perform wedge surgery in two places and preserve as much of the lung as possible while getting good margins along with most of the lymph nodes in that lung. He believes he will get all the cancer but recommends chemo afterwards but will ultimately leave that decision to my oncologist.

I expect a 2- 3 day hospital stay. He said after a week I should be ok on my own. I don't know how long recovery will be. If anyone has experience with this surgery, I would love to hear about it. I don't know what chemo. Previously I did oxaliplatin infusion with 3 weeks xeloda pills, then 1 week off. The oncologist said it might be the same chemo, maybe different, depends on tests. He tells me that chemo therapy has advanced since 2016.

It's not an understatement to say I'm scared. I had APR Surgery for the rectal cancer (removal of anus, sphincter and some colon) and have a permanent colostomy. I had a hard 3 weeks in and out of the hospital after surgery because my system had difficulty restarting but I finally adjusted. I thought I had this beat but the doctor told me that a micro cell could have gotten past the surgery and chemo. I want to believe I can do this but I'm scared. I have a wonderfully supportive husband and son. I have a beautiful granddaughter and grandson that I need to get well for. So I will continue this fight. I'm just feeling a little low.

As always, thank you for listening. 



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    Best wishes

    K, you made it through the resection, and a much longer hospital stay. Sorry to hear it took awhile for you to adjust, but you did it! I'm amazed that you will only be there such a short time this go around! That's wonderful.  Sounds like you are getting lots of love & support from family. They sure do motivate us! Especially those grandchildren. 

    You have a plan. Sending many prayers your way. -Beth

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    I'm sorry to hear that you have to undergo surgery again.  You have been through a lot already, but I'm glad that you are happy with your surgeon.  That makes a big difference in  your recovery especially when he knows your situation and you trust him.  Wishing you the best of luck with a full recovery.


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    I have no experience

    i just wanted to wish you well and tell you I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

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    Ugh, get it over with and

    Ugh, get it over with and feel better. Cancer- the never ending story. I don't know what VATS is. I wonder if it's something we don't have available here in Canada?


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    Fast is good

    Get it over and done with. 

    I'm sorry you are heading back into surgey, but here's hoping that all goes well and once they are in, they can figure out what these nodules are and deal with them. 

    I will be thinking of you on Monday. 


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    Thanks everyone. I will be glad when surgery done. 

    I appreciate your support.