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Husband just diagnosed. Waiting on surgery consult

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My husband had his first Colonoscopy this past Monday. We received the biopsy report Thursday that the polyp was cancerous .9cm of the 1.2cm polyp . 
Dr explained that he got the whole polyp and the stalk was clear/uninvolved. He said the cancer cells were in the tip of the polyp so husband was basically cancer free since he removed the polyp during the colonoscopy. He did have concerns since the tip of the polyp showed LVI and has referred my husband to a surgeon about a resection to make sure nodes are clear and no chemo will be needed. 
We are waiting on a referral. I asked for a percentage of polyps with LVI having node involvement and he said 5-8%. My question is, if that number is accurate and if anyone with a similar diagnosis had clear nodes and was able to avoid chemo? This seems pretty aggressive and we are ok with that if the percentages are high that he has node involvemen. I would love to hear other similar stories and the steps of people who have already been there, done that. 
I am a stage 3A breast cancer survivor and we have teenage boys who have already endured one parent through chemo. We are praying they don’t have to experience this again. 

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I'm sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis (and yours as well).  It's not easy dealing with this disease and both myself and husband has dealt with cancer each so can feel your frustration.  I'm not able to help you with the polyp question as mine was rectal cancer.  I'm sure that others on this board will chime in soon.  Feel bad for you and family.  It's just so hard on everyone.  Wait until you get that answer from the other doctor and let us know how things progress.


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A close friend of mine here locally did have a cancerous polymp that was removed but he had no lymph nodes affected and did not have to undergo any chemotherapy.  That was over 12 years ago and he is still clear without having to endure the chemo treatments.  Everyone is different but from my experience, no affected lymph nodes or mets means chemo will most likely not be required.

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Surgery is the first and best way of treating cancer, so they say. I'd think they want to do a resection because if he'd had a tumour they'd be taking out margins around the location. I don't see why he'd need chemo in his situation. Good for him for having it found so early!


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Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. I think the Dr. referred us and recommend a disection due to the tip of the cancerous polyp showing lymphovascular invasion.  Which my understanding is different than lymp node involvement. I’m just trying to remain positive and be as knowledgeable as possible.

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