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One week since Catheter removed RP 3/20/2018

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Well, it has been one week since my catheter was removed.  I am stiil incontinent.  With that said, when I am not incontinent and actually make it to the bathroom, I must say I have not had a stream flow like that since I was much younger ( I could pee across the room if I wanted to). There are times when everything seems perfectly normal (bladder filling, bladder stimulates me to get up and high stream flow).  The bladder is probably still recovering from the surgery.  My best times with the bladder piece of this are at night.  Pretty much, my highly fashionable and disposable underwear (Depends) remain relatively dry.  At this time, I am pretty much pain free.  I have not taken any pain (hydrocodone) medication in over a week.  I have not taken any bladder spasms meds (oxybutynin CL ER) in over a week.  My bow movements are consistent to prior surgery.  I have not tested the erectile dysfunction part.  My plan was to get through the surgery first; then the incontinence; then address the ED piece. I go for my first follow-up with the surgeon 4/27/2018.  I am in good spirits.  My wife pretty much does everything aorund the house that I used to do.  She does not complain and keeps telling me we will get through this. I post this info becuase all of the recoveries experiences vary.  Hope this helps folks. 

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Keep on healing, sounds like things are going ok....

Dave 3+4

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Hey lw67...

You may want to start erectile rehabilitation and get the blood pumping fairly soon. Incontinence lasts some 6 or more months or so... and my urologist prescribed the vacuum pump immediately to get blood into the corpus cavernosum. You dont want to wait three to six months to start erectile rehabilitation or you may risk ED, even though it will take a year or more to recover from temporary ED. Some doctors prescribe Cialis immediately for the same reason. Ask other guys on here whether ir not you should begin erectile rehabilitation right away. My urologist surgeon insisted on it. He wanted me to do both Cialis and vacuum pump, but I had enough of flomax and Cialis during my massive prostate bouts, and the pump worked fine for me.

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My doctor has had me on Sildenafil 20 mg (Viagra) prior to the surgery and continue after the surgery.  He said think of it as fertilizer.  I did try stimulating myself.  I would say it got half way up.  I will ask about the pump when I see him on 4/27/2018.  Thanks for the feedback.

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