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Jazz girl

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I don’t know if you ever  made it to the Camino de Santiago.

 They are showing a program on British TV at the minute about a bunch of celebs (British so you don’t know them) who are attempting to walk to Santiago. It does look very beautiful. I have not watch Much so I’m not quite sure if they are walking the full route but I suspect  not. 

 One day I might even give it a try maybe not all of that but certainly part of it.

Stephen Fry describes his prostate operation  as having been stabbed five times.

After six months I certainly know what he means 


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Hi Annie, No, we have not made it there yet.  I was hoping to go to a cancer-benefit swim in Wicklow this year but don't think I can swing the time and money right now...   Maybe next year.  I looked up the BBC program and can't wait to see it - maybe online after it has aired.  Thanks for the heads-up.  Yes, the stabbing sensation went on a long time for me - I think over a year.  Of course my mind always went to the worst possible scenario, but so far so good.  May it be so for you as well.  Easter blessings!

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