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There is hope beyond cancer

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Just got back from my yearly exam with the oncologist. I am not officially 8 years cancer free from USPC.  They said I am one of the longest survivors there office has ever had with this kind of aggressive cancer. I have done nothing special besides doing the chemo & interanal radiation that they advised me to have. Just wanted to give some encouragement and hope to all the ladies dealing with this type of cancer. 

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Hi Michaelynn,

That is awesome news, and a real kindness to post so others know.  I think a lot of credit should go to you as an individual, and also the times we live in.  I had an rare and very aggressive form of small cell undifferentiated uterine carcinoma 8 years ago.  The studies online had very dismal survival statistics, but they were few and out of date.  Technology has improved considerably in both chemo and radiation treatments, so I feel very lucky to be here.  I am so happy to hear about others' hopeful news too.



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While I don't share either of your types of cancer (I have MMMT), any report by long-term survivors of one of the aggressive forms of uterine cancer is greatly appreciated by those of us still in the early stages of treatment or post-treatment. Thank you both very much for the postings!

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Michaelynn, this is wonderful news! 

I have often wondered how our doctor offices see people come and go and how they must get joy about of 'winning' sometimes against the beast.

So happy for you and wish you many more years.

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What beautiful enCOURAGEment! :)

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As a UPSC patient, I love to hear about long term survivors!!  Thank you so much for posting!!



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Between this and another board, I'm actually hearing more stories about advanced-stage Type 2 warriors (3 and 4), hitting five, seven, and eight years ... and even beyond. I read of two UPSC Stage 4 ten-year suvivors and two 25+ year survivors. As someone with Stage 4 UPSC myself, this provides me with hope. Bring these stories on! The more, the better!

A recent study of ovarian cancer survivors (not quite uterine, but UPSC has much in common with ovarian cancer) showed that 25% percent advanced-stages passed the ten-year mark. This percentage included many Stage 4s. Unfortunately, there aren't many updated studies on Type 2 uterine cancer showing how many survived five and ten years today. The statistics we do have are really outdated, often relying on cases that are almost 20 years old. There are some studies starting on this, though. I am in one. Let's hope that more institutions have them so we get a large sample. The one I'm in is a great start, but it simply isn't enough for a broader outlook.

In the meantime, congrats! I hope to read that you've reached that ten-year mark soon! And then, on to 25+!

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This is encouraging. Diagnosed in 2013. Currently recovering from 2nd recurrence (liver/liver resection). Still fighting. 

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Donna Faye
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Happy for you !!! Hope is always needed.

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Always great to hear of long time survivors ! There is hope for us all.

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