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Pizza and Beer

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What in the world does this topic have to do with kidney cancer?  Probably not a lot about cancer, but more about the people here that have been part of my journey.    

One of my hobbies is upland hunting (according to my wife it's a little more than a hobby).  From the end of October through January, I rarely miss a weekend to get out on the prairie with my dog and a few friends just to chase midwestern pheasants.  As part of my responsibility to give back to this hobby is volunteering with our local Pheasants Forever chapter.  This past weekend we had our annual banquet, which raises money for habitat.  During Saturday set-up, we always get pizza for lunch.  A long-time member of our chapter and I were sitting at a table having a conversation and starting in on our first piece of pizza.  Let me describe this guy, mid to late 60's, completely gray hair with matching color in his thick mustache, 6 foot tall and a little rough around the edges.  His body isn't what it use to be, but he is in very good shape and puts many of our younger members to shame.  Does he sound like someone we know??  Anyway, as we were starting to eat our first piece of pizza, he got up and left for a minute.  Moments later he returns with a beer in hand and says "I knew I was missing something.  Eating pizza just isn't right without a beer or two."  He let me know he had put some beer in the fridge and I was welcome to it.   I smiled as my mind drifted to our honorary "Beer and Pizza" advocate (Fox), went and grabbed a beer and then rejoined him at our table to resume our conversation.   

You see, not a lot about cancer—just a quick story demonstrating the impact this forum and members have had on me.  I think about many of you often.  After my diagnosis almost two years ago I was in a duel with my thoughts and emotions.  The battle wasn’t going very well until I was thrown a life raft by members on this board.  You helped tilt the tide of the battle and I’m very thankful for that.  

Only the best to each of you




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Thanks for expressing so clearly what I think about this board and the help the members here have given to me. I stay away sometimes when it just gets too much to see how many folks are dealing but then I can't because it helped me so much I want to help others if I can and still keep in touch with y'all. God bless each and every one of you. 

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...the power of a cold beer, pizza and good conversation!  Thank you for sharing, Stub.  

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Somebody say Pizza and Beer?? Haha

Yes.....it has its place on mine and Pam's therapy from time to time as well.


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Can't eat much pizza, but I'll join in that cold dark brewski.  Stub, you reminded me of Iowa days when a pheasant would fly across my windshield.  I called them "the flying footballs."  Always glad I didn't hit one  as they are so cool looking.

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What a great post! I don't like beer but would love to share a pizza with everyone here. And yes, the minute I saw the title I thought of Foxy!

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an extra large with nivo please.

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what a great post! Have you considered a writing career? Thank you for a positive way to begin my day.


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Nothing more to say!

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