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Bad news for Janee cancer in moles

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I just typed this and it didnt send so i will try again.

Ive got some bad news.  I dont like to send bad news. I myself like hearing the good news.  But today im glad this site is for bad news too.

I know this is for uterine cancer but i wanted to tell you because my friends whether old or new are on here. 

Two of the moles that were checked last week came back cancerous.  I had a feeling about that.  Im mad though. I dont want it to be true.  I dont know how much the nurse knows from the dermatolory office, but she told me she has never heard of chemo or radiation for this.  Its a one day presidure that wont even put me to sleep. I hope all that is true. 

She sent my stuff to the dermatologist who is supposed to call me tonight or tomarrow to set up the procedure.   Im guessing it will be tomarrow. I think ill wait tell after work at 1:30 to check my messages.

No making dinner tonight. We are going out to eat..

Support please.

Trying to stay cslm until i get the call

With love,


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How distressing! I'm sure you are anxiously awaiting the call from your dermatologist. I can't imagine how you are really feeling right now but I am sure your doctor will have a good plan for treatment. It always, it seems to me, feels better when working the plan.

Going out to dinner sounds like a solid plan for this evening.

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Sorry you've had such distressing news. We're here for you when you're ready to update us, vent, or whatever.

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That was my reaction when you first mentioned that you were getting checked out for this. It's still my reaction for this confirmation. Three different cancers? You are a poster child for how cancer just doesn't care what you've been through or have to deal with in your life. I'm really hoping that this was caught early and that they can nip it in the bud. Oh Janaes, we don't care that it isn't uterine cancer! We're still here for you. 

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Yea maybe i could have been more vigelent with this. Accually i know i could have. The moles are on my back. Know its not someting i can see. I knew someting was scabing over back there when i would reach. Didnt do any thing. I was involved with other things. I guess what bugs me though is i saw my gp shortly after uterine cancer treatments were done. Yeah i get it. I had a lot of problems to take care of to get me recovered. I was spending time fixing my ostioprosis. Didnt even know i had that at the time. I just knew my bsck was in pain

 Ive also seen cancer doctors in the last year and a half every three months. Thats like six times.  Not one of them noteced anything.  Scary. I have moles all over my body. Nobody said anything. Or wanted to check my back. 

This last appointment with my gp was when she checked. I cant remember if i brought it up or she did. Now that i think about it. I brought it up.  

How frustrating i had cancer in my moles and at the same time sitting in my cancer doctors office. Really.!!!!!!. 


Such fast support. Thank you very much for your love and concern.  

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Oh Janae, I am sorry to hear this.  You have a good thought on trying to stay calm - but I am sure it is hard.  Find out what the plan is and let us know.

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Well, let's hope those moles are eliminated, and so is the cancer. Goodness ... you have enough on your plate.

I take it staging has not been done yet. Hoping they're lower stages, at least, with a good prognosis.

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Yeah. Now that i think about it. The nurse told me the name of the cancer. I cant remember what she said

 But im pretty sure it was not melanoma. I searched different kinds of skin cancer and there are different types. Melanoma is the worsr to get.  I guess ill see today.

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Adding my support to others. ((Hugs)) I am so sorry you are facing this.

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Janae, You are a strong woman! I know you will get through this and continue to live a full and positive life. 

Please let us know what you find out. Based on what you know so far, it sounds like they believe they can get clear margins since they are doing this in the office. From what I have heard from my sister, it is not painful and doesn't take long to remove. 

Take care sweet lady.

Love and Hugs,


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I'm sorry. For some reassurance my mother in law had a bleeding mole on her back a number of years ago. It was cancer and they took a large area off during the operation, but she's had no problems since.

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Thanks for the reasurance guys. Im just getting off work and havent heard anything from the plastic surgin (by the way i wrote that wrong in my earlier post) its a plastic surgin doing my prosedure not a dermatoligist. 

It dont want to, but alot a work i was thinking the worst despite what i know.  A coworker shared a story about a girl that died. I sat there thinking that i dont need to here that right now.

 I decided i wasnt going to say anything to my work until i new more.  In fact ive only told my son because he was with me when i was talking to the nurse. I still dont want to share until i know more.  

I might have to tell my work any ways if i have to take a day off or if i need time to recover.

Im feeling pretty anxious to here something.  The nurse ssid that they would call by today.  Im not so sure she really new though.  

Im thinking of calling here later this afternoon if i dont hear anything.


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OH, you've touched on one of my pet peeves!

I had that when I first found out about my cancer, too. And this has happened more than once. I really wonder about why people are this stupid.

(When the person finds out I was clincially diagnosed with Stage 4B Endometrial cancer):

Person: My _______ had Stage 4 cancer.
Me: Oh? What happened to him/her?
Person. He/She died. 

Sometimes, for best effect, the person tells me of another advanced-stage cancer patient who died. 

What ... the ... ? Why on EARTH would you bring that up at a time like this?

I'm hoping sluggish news is good news. It often seems that when the news is bad, doctors can't wait to call you! But yes, you might have to nag them, anyway.

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I've also had skin cancer.  In fact, I was just checked at my dermatologist today on mine.  I had basal cell carcinomas in three spots that were discovered last year before my other cancer recurrence was found.  I also had the same type of thing on my neck back in about 2005 or so.  That one was removed surgically in my family doctor's office, which was a piece of cake.  It never came back.  I've been seeing a dermatologist since my husband was found to have melanoma on his scalp.  He had it deep into his scalp and had to see a general surgeon.  He was given a 20% chance of a recurrence.  He's had a few things that would have turned into melanomas eventually removed since then.  They were called actinic keratoses (there are other types of keratoses that aren't as bad).  I also had an actinic keratosis removed on my shoulder many years ago. 

When my latest 3 skin cancers (the basal cell carcinomas) were found, the doctor was going to cut them out, but then he either got lazy or was too busy to do them all the day I went to have them removed (he'd only biopsied two but there were three).  He decided to give me a cream which was supposed to remove them.  It was called Imiquimod cream.  I used it faithfully 5 days a week (with 2 days off each week) as per the directions.  The one on my arm went away promptly.  The other two remained.  About that time, I found out about my other cancer, so I talked to my GYN/onc about whether I should keep using the Imiquimod, which I thought was giving me some insomnia (but now I think it was from nerves to do with my upcoming surgery).  My GYN/onc thought the chemo might even work on the two remaining ones, so he told me not to use the Imiquimod.  It didn't work on them, possibly because they were so far away from my heart where the circulation wasn't as good. He biopsied the third one this winter, and found that was also a basal cell carcinoma.  So I've been using the Imiquimod ever since, which is what he recommended at that time.  He told me today that he thinks the cancer is gone and that I'll probably have the spots there forever.  He said they don't have a pearly appearance and don't appear to have a lot of blood vessels running through them.  There was a third thing he mentioned for how he knew the cancer was gone, but I didn't know what it was, and he didn't elaborate. 

Believe me, having these things removed surgically is nothing compared to our other surgery.  The dermatologist injects a little lidocaine (pain killer) into the area, which stings a little, and then you don't feel anything after that.  He has to remove the skin cancer and an area around it and send that off for a biopsy, making sure that the margins (edges) of what he took off are clear of cancer.  If they're not, he has to go back in another day to take a little more off to get the clear margins.  That happened to me once, with my actinic keratosis.  You have to keep a bandage on the area for a few days.  Don't use any antibiotic cream on it unless the dermatologist tells you to, as that will only irritate your skin.  What is recommended is some vaseline.  That helps it heal faster.

If basal cell carcinoma is what you have, that is the best kind of skin cancer to have.  It usually doesn't turn into anything more serious, but can on rare occasions if left there long enough. 

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Everone thanks for your support pinky thanks for sharing the details of your experiences.

Evolo now that i think about those dieing stories happened alot with my uterine cancer time.

You guys are all so awsome.

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The nurse from the doctor finally called. I have an appointment next wed. Dont have to take time off work or anything.  I already have that day off.

The kind of cancer is Basil cell carsinoma (sp). She confermed what you guys said about that cancer doesnt usually spread.  Sounding like good news but still a little teluctant to think all will be fine after wed.

Im sure that comes from my positive outcome from my gynolcological doctor who told me after surgery that i would just need bracy therapy.  He was so wrong. I did to chemo and bracytherapy. It was very tramatizing at the time.  Plus i remember the gynocolagist eho did my biopsy for uterine cancer said she didnt think it was cancer.  Yea right.

Okay this nurse is going.to be right. And plus this time i turned to you guys right when i found out and you have good things to say about the cancer.

I didnt find this group until after my hyserectomy and fortunatly my friends here helped me know i needed chemo.

I think im glad im going to get this done with quick.

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You're very lucky to have the same kind of skin cancer I have.  Basal cell carcinomas are very common.  Somewhere I read once that there's a clinic on just about every corner in Florida.  I'm sure that was an exaggeration, but this type of cancer is very common.  You can breathe a sigh of relief.  This one is an easy one to handle.  I was always thinking mine was infected after they cut the cancer out, but then I found out that the red edges on the wound are from its healing.  That's why you should use Vaseline on it, not antibiotic creams. Mine took a very long time to heal, but maybe that was because cancer in general causes delayed healing.  I've had a black and blue on my leg for over a month, so it isn't just the cancer that is slow to heal on me.  I guess with the moles on your back, you won't be able to see them anyway to see what color the edges are. 

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Yea my daughter is taking care of my moles and she said the big ones(shr doesnt know those are the ones with cancer) arent healing as well as the others. At least so far.

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When I get back to Wisconsin in May I'm going to have my doctor check my moles.  The older I get the more my arms look like my mother's and grandmother's.  We all had (have) really fair skin.  I stay out of the sun but still have them.  I also have some large skin tags on my back and under my boobs.  I've had biopsies done but that was years ago.  I don't have anything I'm worried about but after reading this, I think I should get it checked out.  Thanks for the reminder!!



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Janae I’m so sorry about your additional cancer, but glad it wasn’t melanoma. My husband has had the same kind as you and the same treatment with the cream. . He has prostate cancer also so he also feels like a cancer magnet! I’m glad you daughter is helping you. Best of luck getting this resolved. We are all here for you!

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Yeah Eazyliving getting things checked out is a good thing. It makes me think about the day i went into the doctors for my blood clotts which turned out to be uterine cancer. The clotts had stopped and the doctor from instacare told me if the clotts go away dont worry (boy what did he know) good thing I went into see my doctor despite what he said. 

Yeah follow your gut.

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So i had my procedure today. One mole got done and its all clear. Im doing the other one another time. 

I have to take of myself the next couple of days. The site of the produdure hurts a little and am taking ibprofen. We will see if that works for pain. Doesnt usually help for other things and if it doesnt i will probably just tolorate the pain because .im not taking something stronger.

Im glad the cancer is gone. Im not worried about the other one as much but of course have an appointment to get it taken care of. The doctor did the bigger one today.


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Hurrah, I'm sure glad THAT is over! Thank you for the update.

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I had a mole removed last month, it too came back with cancerous borders, with me having to go in for a second surgery.  Seriously?  Now, I have this two inch x 1 inch scar on my right bicep.  I also had basal cell carcinoma cut out of my left shoulder about 7 years ago.  So there lies another 3 inch scar.

The nurse assistant said in the past six months the number of mole biopsies coming back for cancer has increased immensely - up to 60%. She said, in the past they sent them off and rarely did they come back positive.  Not any more!

So, ladies, as Janeas mentioned, please do not overlook anything that seems suspicious.  It's not worth it!  Remember, we have to advocate for ourselves and see to it we have all procedures and tests done for precautionary measure.  It's our best defense, along with a great diet and caring for ourself physically and mentally.

As always, it is great stopping in and seeing all of you.  Oh, on a positive note, my last CT scan came back NED.  Whoohooo! And, one of the three lung nodules is gone, with the other two remaining the same.  All good news!!!

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Soumds like this skin cancer stuff is far to common. I dont know why some people get it and others dont. Yes i have a lot of moles and evem when i was a kid had to get moles removed. None were cancer. Like ive said before cancer is not real common in my family.  Until just recentally two of my granparents are the only ones who have had camcer. My uncle on my dads side recently was diagnosed.  No other aunts uncles cousins or sisters or brothers have had any type of cancer. 

I remember as a young teanager my sisters and i would suntain. I was the one who did it the least. I did do it but i also remember following my younger sister to the tanning salon so she could use the tanning beds. My question in head is why doesnt she have the problem. Some people get it and some dont. I dont understand

 It makes me feel so angry at cancer. Its like we have no control. Like MA bound said to me we dont get to choose if cancer gets us. My uyerine cancer was caused by the radiation of my first cancer.

And as much as it is great that they found out that radiation causes cancer and they use it less now. It still doesnt solve all the cancer. Sorry to be so negative. It just hurts that so many people are offected by this darn beast.

Im glad people can be positive about it and we need to be so we can live. So we can find hope

Boy what a crazy ppst.


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I previously neglected to bring up a fact that my dermatologist mentioned the first time I had an actinic keratosis (the kind of skin condition that can turn into a melanoma if not removed promptly).  He told me that during the time a person is on chemo, his or her immunity to skin cancer is reduced.  I had a very small mole on my belly that I didn't remember having before chemo (and I have had a lot of moles, so I'm surprised I even noticed it).  It was about a sixteeenth of an inch wide at the most, yet it was slightly blacker than the rest of my moles.  He biopsied it and I had to go back to have it removed later when the biopsy results came back positive.  So everyone should pay particular attention to their skin after chemo and get checked out for any new spots.  Cancers can even develop under fingernails and toenails plus in spots you might not think about such as between toes or on the posterior side of your body. This means we should all get checked out routinely. 

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Im so frustrated. My surgery is not feeling better like i jad hoped.. The mole that had the camcer was on my bac but near my shoulder so the surgery pain affected my my arm movement.  I was told to take it easy for 48 hours. So as much as possible i did. Yesterday was 48 hours and my arm was feeling better. Of course not all the way but much improved. So i was doing things with my arm. Maybe i did to much because last night it was hurting again. I have yet to get up today to see for sure todsy but im discouraged. My spring break is over this monday so work starts on tuesday. I hope its feeling alot better by then or i wont beable to work. My job requires a lot of asrm movement and lifting.

My next appointment for my other mole is on the other side of my back near my other shoulder. I thought i wasnt going to have to miss work but if i keep the same apppointment im goinng to have to tske time off. Or i csn eait tell the end of may to do it.

Ugh. Its not working out.

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and healing prayers. So sorry you are going through this.

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Thanks for your support jinva. It was pretty overwhelming to tell my work. I feel its more an emotional thing this time.  With this being my third cancer it did really remind me just how prevalent this cancer stuff is. Im only 45 and that feels young to me to have cancer three times. 

Anyways im sure all this sceduling for my next appoint will work out eventually. Juat more peiple to courdinate it with.

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