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No cancer to Metastatic Cancer in 60 days? Help please!!

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Hello All,


I am new here and sorry for my long post but needed your help, please !!


We are dealing with a major blow with regards to my dad health. Currently, he is been diagnose of cancer ( either Metastatic RCC or Metastatic  Urothelial Carcinoma) it present in left kidney, adrenal, lymph nodes, liver and diaphragm which was found by CT Scan + PET scan early this month.

The unbelievable part of his case is he had gone abdomen sonography in Oct’17, Nov’17 & Jan’18 and was clear and no sign of tumour /lesion in the liver, kidney elsewhere accept 1 renal/kidney stone.


Sonography was performed due to his abdomen pain he is having which is not frequent and comes and goes.


He is given palliative chemotherapy which was started 03/19 and is not going well with his health due to side effects.


So my questions/concerned is, can a person go from being relatively healthy to having cancer (Stage 4 Metastatic) in mere 60 days, it very hard for us to accept this fact and has been major turn down to my dad.


Can anyone please help advice and share their learnings?


Good to know info:

Dad was on vacation where he got an infection and had diarrhoea and server weakness for a week and was normal thereafter, the onset of the abdomen from this very day and his colonoscopy was conducted which was clear.

His biopsy performed (renal, adrenal) unable to confirmed type of cancer and findings were necrotic cells & occasional viable cells of HMWCK and Gata3






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Hello Dev

It is terrible news your father has some type of cancer, especially after multiple recent checks into his health.

Metastatic cancer doesn't appear in just 60 days it can take years to get to that stage, depending on how big the tumor is.

Kidney cancer can be difficult to diagnose, people can attend their local doctor with symptoms and be told they have an iron deficiency, for example. In your case it seems they have done various tests and still not been able to see the cancer. I would be very upset if it happened to me.

From where you are now it is important to start thinking about what your father needs and what your plan should be rather than dwell on and pursue the missed diagnosis.

The only aspect of the missed diagnosis that should concern you is whether you think he is now getting the care and attention he needs, such as was it only a urology team before and now is there oncology members involved. This is the important thing.

Is there a plan to deal with all the issues your father is facing? Let's hope they get onto it as soon as possible.

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So so sorry to hear this.. the shock is horrible and you have a tough road ahead

supersum had a great summary

kidney cancer and bladder cancer are noted for their slow insidious growth.

it Takes years for them to grow although with very rare types the spread can be faster

To have stage 4 something was missed.. he had three US.. why did he have three US.

The  biopsy Is unclear but sounds slightly unusual for RCC

lets us know how he  gets on



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are with you and your father. So sorry you have to go through this. God bless you. 

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showed up within 6 months, my first scan after my nephrectomy showed no mets, and 6 months later i had 10 and one of them was 5.5cm. So even though it usually is slow growing, my primary tumor also grew very quickly. I hope you get the answers you need and that all follow up to these tests will get your dad onto some form of treatement quickly. 

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I had a total necphrectomy in Sept had a ct scan in November came out all clear. I just found a hard small pea suzed lump in my left breast. Seeing my primary but I’m very scared. Don’t know if it’s renal cancer breast cancer or nothing to worry about. My tumor was 3.5 cm stage 1a grade 2. Has anyone else had something like this ?

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