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Really doing everything i can to absorb as much information as possible before my surgery April 3rd. What is some of the keywords or abbreviations i should be looking for and understanding? Sorry if this a bit of a silly question.

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Hi Steelr

You can check this thread for preparing and organising:


It is good you are thinking about things so instead of focusing on the surgery (which really is fairly routine now) you can focus on preparing and organising things so by the time they wheel you in you won't be too worried because you'll know you have everything ready for when you come out.

Ask specific questions if you want to know something about the surgery itself or anything else.


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--and get it over with. I could tell you it was not going to hurt, but I would be laughed off this board.



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Canadian Sandy
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Iceman is right.....it does hurt. It's not forever as you will heal after a period of time. I'm hurting but know it's not forever. Good luck.

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